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This blog is written 100% by me with the exception of guest posts, written by people I may or may not be affiliated with. I currently do not have a profession in any professions related to the content on this blog. All content I post is made up of opinions.  Controversial topics or potentially offensive content will appear on this blog. My intent when posting this content is to express my opinion. If readers are offended, then I am not responsible and they have the option of not reading this blog.  I frequently post photos of material things I own. These photos are included not for the purpose of displaying my material worth, but rather inspiring readers. Sponsored posts and ads that appear on this blog are identified as such and will continue to be in the future. Sponsored reviews are 100% my own opinion.  If an individual emails me, I won't share his or her email with anyone else without their permission and will always keep their information private. Registered & Protected 

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