Thursday, November 20, 2014

stop generalizing genders!

 I constantly see, hear, and read comments that people make that generalize females and males. It's one of my main pet peeves and this is why it bothers me: 

Gender stereotypes address people as genders and not personalities. Sometimes people talk about the human race like it's two personalities: male and female. Personality type has nothing to do with gender: it exists when you're born and develops through the experiences you have. 
There is no possible way to make a statement that is true of one of the halves of the entire world population. Trying to identify the non-biological differences between males and females is absolutely pointless because there will ALWAYS be some type of exception that breaks any type of generalization people try to make. 
It's offensive to the people that are the exceptions or identify as LGBTA. I get so mad when people trivialize my personality to being female and align me with every other female on the planet. If I magically turned into a boy, I would not magically like sports. But a very significant portion of the female population do like sports and have a more aggressive, competitive nature. This is completely ignored when generalizing females because their personality type is out of step with the generalization. Gender stereotypes are also offensive to people who don't necessarily identify with a particular gender or are gay.
It excuses inappropriate behavior. In elementary school, girls get told, "Oh, boys on the playground run around and push girls and throw trucks at you? It's ok, boys will be boys." When girls are in middle school and boys tease and harass them, they are told that boys are "doing it because they like you." These statements need to stop. Because girls will grow up thinking it's ok to be harassed by males because it's "in their nature" and getting abused by their boyfriend is "because I love you." Not all males have a dominant personality and it should never be in anyone's nature to treat anyone inappropriately. 

xo Signe

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