Wednesday, November 26, 2014

on my radar

1 :: Tropico by Lana Del Rey

Ummmmm... DEFINITELY a "wtf did I just watch moment." Lana Del Rey spends twenty-seven minutes (I did not watch the whole thing, but a pretty good chunk) as Eve in the Garden of Eden and a prostitute while saying weird things like "heaven is my baby" and "Jesus is my daddy." I really like Lana Del Rey sometimes, but I attempted to see the artistic merit in it and honestly it's overall just pretty tasteless. The whole thing is glorifying the objectification of women. And her weird romanticization of Christiany = no.

2 :: Taylor Swift's performance at the AMAs

I didn't watch all the AMAs but had to watch Taylor's performance afterward, of course, and I REALLY loved this one! She put a ton of energy into it and I loved how theatrical it was.

3 :: Francesca Lia Block

I read Violet & Claire by this author and loved it so I got Dangerous Angels, which is actually five shorter books in a series combined. This author has this style that's so unique. Most of her books take place in LA but she uses elements of it to create a sort of bizarre-fantasy land. She then takes issues that are very relevant to teenagers and works them into magical realism, creating these modern-day fairy tales. 

4 :: Zoya matte velvet nail polish in Dovima

I have been wanting a black nail polish and I love the one from Zoya's matte collection because it's a bit softer than a regular shiny black color. It also stays on for a long time before it starts chipping! 

5 :: Goodreads

I recently made an account on Goodreads and I'm really enjoying it! It allows you to make lists of books you want to read, review books you've read, find lists of similar books, and read the reviews of others. Once you review 20 books it will suggest books for you. 

xo Signe


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  2. Isn't goodreads just the best? XD

    xx Nicole Rose