Saturday, October 4, 2014

time spent happy is not wasted

I think that a lot of us feel guilty for "wasting time." Being unproductive. Not accomplishing enough.

The problem with this is it bases our worth off of how much we do. And that shouldn't be what our worth is based off of. You have worth for being alive. You are automatically entitled to a place on the earth just for being born. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone, and the idea that time is only valuable if it is spent doing something "productive" is something that society has implemented.

If you spent an hour sitting and breathing and being happy while someone else wrote an essay, that person is not worth more than you. Time that we spend working does not have more value than time we spend relaxing. We need to put equal value on both things because both are necessary. But no matter what you do, remember you already have worth just by breathing. 

xo Signe

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  1. What a lovely quote :)
    - F -