Monday, October 13, 2014

october update

Hi everyone!! I thought it was time I gave you an update on what's going on with me. :) 

First of all, I've been appreciating the fall trees and drinking a lot of pumpkin spice lattes.... oh how I love fall

Homecoming was this weekend, and I walked in the parade for theater, but I didn't go to the game or the dance. Things just didn't quite fall into place with a collective social group this year, which is fine- I went to dinner and baked cookies with my aunt instead. :)

School is going fine... I mean, I forget things a lot and I don't do a lot of stuff but ya knowww I tryy... 

After school, I'm in the play, go to dance and voice lessons once a week, and I actually have an interview today for a job at the library!! I really hope I get the job because it's about time I have a consistent supply of money and the library is pretty much the best option out there for a teenager. I'll let you know how it goes...

OH, I should also talk about my gluten-free sugar-free experiment. Overall, it actually went a lot better than I thought it would! I actually noticed an improvement in my focus and energy. I failed a couple times though because I thought couscous was gluten-free... oops. But now I know that a few small gluten and sugar treats a week are fine, I just need to cut out my big snacking sessions. 

Finally, I was going to talk a bit about my blog. As you probably know, I've gotten rid of my blogging schedule and just done whatever I feel like talking about- which I'm liking as of right now. I'm planning to get back into fashion and beauty in the 3-5 month future in a new format as a "rebrand" myself, because right now I've been focusing on my book. I feel kind of bad when I do a bunch of "inspiration" posts with quotes and photos because they take no effort whatsoever, but people seem to really enjoy them apparently so I'll keep doing them! What I'd really like to do is take my own photos for them, but my camera situation is currently not ideal... hopefully that will change in the future as well. :)

That's about all... have a wonderful day! 

xo Signe


  1. I really love your inspiration posts :)
    - F -

  2. we can't wait to see more beauty and fashion posts from you!!