Monday, September 22, 2014

what to do when someone messes with your confidence

One of my life mottos:

Because a lot of things I can't control. And sometimes people say things to me or do things that make me feel powerless. Sometimes, you can not change anybody's mind. But the one thing that I can control is how I dress, and that is why dressing better than everyone is how I restore my confidence, because I still won in some way.  

Whenever somebody makes me feel like I am vulnerable or fragile, I arrive at school the next day looking fierce: 

{red or purple lipstick} 

why: murderer-esque*

{black winged eyeliner}

why: the sharp edges look like they could stab you*

{lots of black}

why: says "don't mess with me" 


why: makes you taller 

{a choker}

why: is gothic, and gothic = fierce

*That was kind of a joke I'm not literally going to stab or murder anyone lol just so we're clear

Of course, the best way to fight back when people steal your confidence is to stand tall and act like the person didn't affect you. You can do that wearing ANYTHING... but sometimes lipstick, eyeliner, black, heels, or a choker is very helpful in doing this. ;) 

xo Signe


  1. This is literally amazing. I'm so happy I found your blog :)
    - F -