Wednesday, September 3, 2014

perfect imperfections

The "perfect imperfections" tag has been going around youtube for a while; I haven't been tagged by anyone, but I'm doing this today in blog post form for fun! 

If you don't know what the perfect imperfections tag is, it's where you share three things you like and dislike about yourself physically. But because I believe that the good should always outweigh the bad, I'm going to challenge myself today by finding five things I like about myself!

First, for the "imperfections:" 

1. My hands- I've never really had a huge problem with my hands until recent years when I realized they were a little short and stubby, and people started pointing out my weird thumbs. (Look up Megan Fox's thumb. Yeah... they look exactly like that.) Luckily, nobody stares at your hands too often, and Megan Fox makes me feel a little better about my thumbs. ;) 

2. The shape of my thighs- I dislike how my thighs get bigger at the top and then curve back in. I'd prefer for them to just be straight!! I'm not as self conscious of it as I am it just bothers me, but I kind of get the idea that I'm maybe exaggerating how "oddly shaped" they are. 

3. My arms- I'm perfectly fine with how my arms look. My issue is that I'm seriously lacking on arm strength! My arms are sore ALL THE TIME from this yoga I've been doing recently. My arm strength is definitely my weak spot when it comes to exercising. 

Now, for the "perfections:" 

1. My eyes- I feel like EVERYONE claims that they have "nice eyes" or their eyes are their favorite feature, but I just feel like my eyes are like significantly good ok. First of all, they are plain green, and only 2% of the population has green eyes which makes me spesh. Second of all, they are big and round and pop out and make me look innocent. 


2. My lips- My top lip has a really big dip in the top which I like and overall I just think they're small and cute. (Refer to above pic.)

3. My voice- I don't know if this counts but I like the sound of my voice. I think I have a really distinctive, clear, pleasant vocal quality.

4. My shoulders- I have extremely flexible shoulders and when I move them around in yoga and dance I feel like a bird. Extending them makes me feel graceful and free. 

5. My boobs- This is kinda weirdddd but I like that I have small boobs. Personally I associate small boobs with daintiness, gracefulness, and the lines of a model or ballerina. I just feel like big boobs would get in the way ya know?? 

xo Signe


  1. I like this post. It's nice you found more things to like about yourself more so than the imperfections.

  2. This is a really nice tag!