Sunday, September 28, 2014

"..and that doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong."

I really connect to Jess. 

What she said in this episode of New Girl was so relevant to me. 

Because I feel like when a girl plays sports and can beat up a guy and is all tough and competitive, it's something that is idolized in our society. And we send the message that girls are "taught" to be quiet and polite and play with dolls and to not beat up anyone.

WELL. I was DEFINITELY NOT TAUGHT ANY OF THESE THINGS. Maybe I ACTUALLY LIKED PLAYING WITH DOLLS and my PERSONALITY TYPE IS BEING POLITE AND QUIET. And for some reason, there is a problem with that. Being "girly" is viewed as being inferior.  When I talk about the fact I enjoy ballet and baby farm animals and Taylor Swift I'm viewed as inferior because apparently that's not cool.

This is why I need feminism. Because I feel like the girlier you are, the more fragile you are. I want to be able to do things in my life like bake cookies for people and enjoy dressing up without being viewed as inferior. I want people to accept the fact that it's ok to enjoy stereotypically female activities. 

I hate the fact that basically imitating testosterone is something that is more celebrated because it literally just reinforces the idea that males are superior. The fact that I don't play sports or like to beat people up has nothing to do with the societal ideal of woman or what I have been taught. It is my personality type and I am not inferior because I lack "the testosterone." 

Enjoying girly things does not make me stupid or fragile or weak. 

xo Signe