Sunday, August 17, 2014


Ok, I have not blogged in like a week... this has gotten bad!!! I've been unfortunately suffering from a major lack of inspiration and writers block. But GOOD NEWS: today it's come back! I suddenly desperately miss blogging, so stay tuned- I'm scheduling posts every day for the next two weeks! 

Now it's time to update you all on what's been happening in my life: 

one // college visits 

As an incoming junior, I made a good decision by getting a jumpstart on my college visits this summer. I chose to visit all the Midwest schools I was interested in: Beloit College, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Cardinal Stritch, Marquette, and Columbia College Chicago. After these visits, I am no longer interested in any of them, but this was a great learning experience.

two // driving

I have officially begun to drive!! I just got my permit and have had one driving lesson (with another today) and some practice time with my mom and dad in my car. Let's be honest, the first couple times I was not that good... my driving instructor kept yelling at me for going to fast and my dad was terrified. :'D But I'm getting better!

three // school

In the next two weeks before school starts, I have three missions: the first is to finish my online math class, the second is to complete my AP U.S. History homework, and the third is to read a book for honors English. My APUSH book is seriously horrible but I'll get through it... hopefully...

four // yoga

I've been taking yoga classes at a yoga studio close to my house and the experience has been so rewarding! I'm starting a yoga club this year at my school so I'm trying to get all the practice in that I can. To me, yoga is not only something that I do for fun, but something I require of myself to do: stretching and meditating is a priority, not an extra-curricular activity.

five // some other random notable things

- I am now eating meat but not eating dairy products. I think being "half vegan" is actually a lot better than being vegetarian because as humans, we've adapted to eating meat- but by eating dairy products we'll ALWAYS be parasitic to other species.
- I got a shot yesterday and it was painful
- I just did an egg yolk and avocado hair mask and now my hair feels majestic.
- Taylor Swift is having a live chat TOMORROW at 4 pm Central Time (5 pm Eastern) at and I'm so excited (!!!). 

That is all for now... hopefully there will be lots of fun posts this week!!

xx Signe


  1. Well Im glad your back! Just discovered your blog and I love it so far! Looking forward to new posts! :)

  2. you are on top of it girl! I haven't had a college visit yet (I am an upcoming junior too).