Tuesday, August 19, 2014

transformation tuesday: my ratchet era

I found this collage on my computer that I made one time out of boredom and felt the need to share because it is just too funny. I was about 12 in all of these pictures and oh my god, did I need help. 

Most people have some sort of an awkward stage, but I feel like I can say that I pulled an absolute 180. I went from absolutely painful-looking to, a confident and classy girl... over the course of about three years.  

(I really hope I actually look like a confident and classy girl because that would be extremely awkward if other people thought I still looked ratchet lol)

For a while I was completely confused how this happened. But then I realized what really happened is I became confident in myself. I started wearing makeup, yes, but I really did not do anything: I kind of just woke up one day and liked my appearance. My real transformation was all in my head. After months and years of thinking I was just kind of eh, I approached the point where I was like "screw this, I am pretty!" and that's what I became.

I'm thankful for my transformation because it gave me an excellent lesson in confidence and gives me something hilarious to look back on. :) 

xo Signe

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  1. I had that awkward stage too. After a while, it became I wanted to be viewed as pretty, not just pretty for me. Eventually, I got to that place, but it took more than three years!

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