Sunday, August 24, 2014

taylor swift : new album & why i'm confused about the hate

If you haven't heard... Taylor Swift is releasing a new album on October 27! (Being the fan that I am, I feel that it is necessary to dedicate an entire post to this.) 

Her new album is called 1989 and this is the cover:

I was so excited and almost cried when I saw this because this looks like it was designed for me. I've always wanted a Polaroid camera and this looks like something that I'd put on my blog. This is a sign. 

Taylor has also made the announcement that she's completely moved away from country and this album will be officially classified as "pop." While I am slightly disappointed she's abandoning country completely, I'm really not surprised and I don't feel like this is a big change because she's been releasing pop songs since Speak Now. I honestly love all of Taylor's songs regardless of the genre. 

I also love her new single, "Shake it Off": 

A lot of die-hard Taylor fans are disappointed with it, and I admit it's not her best lyrical work, but it's such a fun song and I know enough about TS that the entire album isn't going to sound like it. It's WAY better than Red's first single, ahem, the infamous "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Now THAT was a disappointment. Compared to that, I'm very happy with "Shake it Off." It's fun, it's catchy, and has a great message. 

I would put this on my blog too ^^

Now I'd just like to address what the song is about. "Shake it Off" is basically about dealing with hate. Specifically, it's about how Taylor addresses the hate that she gets. 

I just wanted to say, I do not understand why Taylor gets the hate that she does. I'm not even saying that because I'm (obviously) biased, I'm saying that because it makes no sense why the media has to pick on the most harmless celebrity in the business right now. 

She literally does nothing. Honestly, in the past two years, all Taylor Swift has done is written an album, did some concerts, and made some videos that were neither offensive nor controversial, dated NO ONE (it's true: Taylor hasn't dated anyone since her last album came out), gone to the gym, and hung out with models in New York. That is all she has done. And people STILL find things to hate on!! 

People are calling Taylor Swift's new video "offensive" and "repulsive." That's honestly just ignorant. The only "controversial" part was the twerking, which was completely harmless twerking! People are saying it's "offensive to black culture." Oh, give me a break. It literally appeared for five seconds and it was a joke. There are MUCH worse things to criticize than five seconds of butt-shaking. Just... no. Stop.

Yeah so anyway... 1989 looks like I will love it and people need to stop hating. 
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate....

xo Signe


  1. I loved reading this, I love taylor swift too and I really don't get why there is so much controversy over her new stuff, she was obviously going in a pop direction and it isn't anything new for her, I love shake it off so much and I don't see how her video is offensive at all. I would put all the artwork on my blog too haha it is perfect xx


  2. Haters gonna hate.. I don't think her songs/videos are offensive at all, there are so many artists out there who dó make offensive songs/videos, why don't they start being critical about them? I love her album cover so much, love the vintage vibes and shake it off is the perfect song to shake it off when you're a bit down haha. :) xo