Thursday, August 21, 2014

still more recent movies I've watched

Gia (1998)


 I love Angelina Jolie in anything but this was seriously the most depressing movie I've ever watched. I mean, I usually like depressing movies because you're emotionally moved and you get something out of it, but this was just down down down. I wasn't even emotionally moved... more like, well then. Nevertheless, Angelina Jolie did a great job as always. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


This was unlike most romantic comedies because it actually had some sort of substance- while it made you laugh, it made you think about things. In addition, it was a very unique premise. I really recommend this movie! 

Lost In Translation (2003)


This movie wasn't necessarily bad, but it was weird. Just really random. I wasn't really sure what the point was and most of the time I was trying to figure out if Scarlett Johansson's hair was blonde or brown. While it was mildly entertaining, I think it was made for adults in a mid-life crisis. 

The Runaways (2010)


I know that everyone hates on Kristen Stewart, but I actually thought she was really really good in this movie. I thought Dakota Fanning was the dislikable one- she was always kinda walking around either crying or with a blank expression. Kristen Stewart's driven, tough, and energetic portrayal of Joan Jett was very likable. This movie really didn't get into the characters as much as it was about the music, so overall it was more entertainment-based than biographically-based. 

Black Swan (2010) 


I was excited to watch this movie because a psychological thriller about ballet sounds like it was designed for me. Although I wish there was more dance scenes and less sex scenes- a critic on Rotten Tomatoes described it as "a Freudian nightmare that is more wet dream than bad dream"- this movie is interesting, complex, and aesthetically pleasing. I'd definitely watching again. Again, I just wish there was more dancing and they casted an actual dancer to play the main role. 

Thirteen (2003) 


I am automatically drawn to controversial, shocking, and dramatic films. I am especially drawn to books and films about rebellious teenagers; I myself have no desire to be a rebellious teenager, so I fulfill my "adolescent angst" by watching and reading about rebellious teenagers. At the very least, it's entertaining- gotta have some sort of rebellion in my life. ;) Anyway, I highly enjoyed that this film covered every controversial and taboo subject ever. It did not hold back. It's definitely the only film of it's kind, which is why I give this a pretty high score. I did not get particularly emotional while watching this, but I highly enjoyed the shock factor. 

The Giver (2014) 


Why do I always LOVE the movies that get HORRIBLE reviews? I do not know. Contrary to critic's opinions, I really really liked this movie. A lot of dystopian films suck (i.e. Divergent), but in my opinion this one was great. Now, I did not read the book, and I hear it was nothing like the book- which is maybe why I liked it better than most people did. Taylor Swift had a very small role but she still did a nice job. 


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  1. Hi S.W! I nominate you for a liebster award! Its over here->

  2. Yeah I agree with you about Gia being depressing but I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! One of my favourites. I haven't seen Black Swan yet, I must be the only person who hasn't but I plan to soon! Great post. :)