Friday, August 29, 2014

people that totally pull off unnaturally colored hair

I love pink, purple, green, blue, and silver hair- when it works. I think the key to pulling off unnaturally colored hair is actually making it look natural. 

{kayla hadlington

Kayla Hadlington is pretty well-known in the blogging world for her trademark colorful hair. I love her hair because the colors in it are more subtle. She's not like "LOOK AT MY PINK HAIR HEHEHE"... she's like "yeah bro my hair is kinda pink nbd." Her messy, artsy, grunge look kind of even gives her the freedom to not keep it perfect, allowing her roots to grow back in. If your average person dyed their hair pink and let their roots grow back in it would look horrible but Kayla makes it acceptable. 

{ellie goulding}

I LOVE Ellie Goulding's hair. I think the reason it works so well is because it's mixed with a lot of blonde tones. If I were to ever dye my hair an unnatural color, I'd definitely mix it with natural shades of blonde. 

{helen mirren}

I don't even really know who the heck Helen Mirren is but the real question here is why isn't she my grandma??? I give this woman major props for having the guts to go pink at 67 years old and still making it classy. I honestly think the pink compliments her fair skin, rosy cheeks, and pink lips perfectly.

Ok... so now I feel like it's unnecessary to call out a certain person who didn't pull it off as well: 

Rachel McAdam's hair looks like it is a My Little Pony's tail. #fail

What do you think of unnaturally colored hair??

xo Signe


  1. Yeah I definitely love Kayla's! I totally agree. It's like worn and like a wash of color. :)

  2. Ahh I definitely think ellie goulding pulls it off the best, it looks perfect on her!