Tuesday, August 5, 2014

even more recent movies I've watched

Ok, so by this point, you guys probably think I sit around and watch movies all day.... but that's not true I swear!! It really doesn't take THAT LONG to watch a movie.....

Say Anything (1989)


I felt obligated to watch this because it's got this famous scene and all ^^ but there was really nothing special about it... just a basic love story between two teenagers. 

Clueless (1995)


I loved this movie! While it was really really predictable, I feel like it's a great classic. I think what stood out to me about this movie is that the popular, fashion-obsessed girl does not have a snobby-girl persona: Cher often strikes the viewer as a dumb blonde but she's definitely one of the sweetest movie characters ever- you can't help but feel happy after listening to her thoughts about people. 

The Spectacular Now (2013) 


This movie was just ALL WRONG on SOOO many levels. Let me summarize it in brief: 
Sutter: yoooo I'm drunk and I miss my ex
Aimee: hehe hi
*dates Aimee for lack of something better to do*
Aimee: yeah sure I will take your alcohol!!!!!
Sutter: Aimee come with me to see my dad
Sutter: drives drunk
Sutter: get out of the car Aimee I hate you
Aimee: *cries and gets out of car*
*car hits Aimee*
Aimee: don't worry bout it Sutter it's fine
Sutter: Yayyy
 Aimee: Sutter come to Philadelphia with me
Sutter: Yeah sure
Sutter: Eh I want my ex
*ditches Aimee and misses flight* 
Like a week later...
*goes to Philadelphia* 
Aimee: SUTTER OMG <3 

See what I mean?? The acting was good (Shailene Woodley fit this role a lot better than the other roles she's played) but everything was just wrong. First of all, Sutter was obviously troubled and needed to go to rehab. But Aimee was honestly the worst character: she did not stick up for herself and let Sutter push her around. She did anything Sutter told her to and was portrayed as the "nice" girl, which I really just thought was a little sexist. 

And wanna know what else is wrong??? 

This movie holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's HARD to get a score above a 90 on that site and it doesn't happen every day. People who critique films for a living are where those scores come from. Why The Spectacular Now has a 93% and The Perks of Being a Wallflower has an 85% I will never know. 

Begin Again (2014)


This was an enjoyable and refreshing film, but nothing revolutionary. The music was good and the plot avoided being predictable and everything worked out in an appropriate way in the end. 

Requiem for a Dream (2000)


This was really an amazing movie. Everyone should watch this at least once in their life. I loved the themes and symbolism and imagery in the film more than I actually enjoyed the story itself. I've never watched another movie like this- it was more like a piece of artwork than a movie. The only thing that bothered me about it was they constantly showed a close-up of an eye dilating as an indicator they were doing heroin. It's one of the most important symbols in the movie. It's on the cover. Except here is the flaw: when you do heroin, YOUR PUPILS DON'T DILATE!!!! THEY CONSTRICT!!!!* I do not know how the filmmakers created an entire movie about addiction and completely missed this simple piece of information. 

*Not that I would know. 

The Way Way Back (2013)


It was funny and entertaining, but again, nothing revolutionary. I came away emotionally unaffected. 

Good Will Hunting (1997)


This was a good movie. I'm glad I watched it. My only complaint was that I wasn't sure if Will's therapist was unprofessional and not in a proper state to be counseling someone, or if their friendship was an "interesting dynamic." Oh, and Matt Damon's awful, awful haircut. 

xx Signe


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