Friday, July 11, 2014

the dos and don'ts of festival style

I went to Summerfest in Milwaukee a few times this year, and I can't even tell you the number of girls that thought it was Coachella. The forehead jewels made me want to punch a wall. Ugh. 

"Festival style" has become an actual thing in recent years, and it's tricky because you want to avoid looking basic and being dubbed a "common white girl." 


wear a bindi or eyebrow jewels

The bindi jewel thing should really just be avoided altogether. It cannot be pulled off unless you are a celebrity and therefore you will most definitely look like you're trying WAY WAY WAY too hard. 


wear glittery eyeshadow or glitter on your cheeks

Concerts are a fun occasion to try something wild or flashy, and a little bit of glitter will do the trick. It will stand out among the crowd and it's not been a "thing" before. Make it a thing! 


wear a long cape thing

Again, cannot be pulled off unless you're Kendall Jenner. Or Dracula. 


wear a summery kimono

Kimonos are very in style right now and are perfect to wear to a festival or summer concert because they're not too hot and have that cool and artsy vibe. 


wear a t-shirt crop top

I mean, you can if you want, but it's just really overdone and unoriginal. 


wear a cool graphic tee

Graphic tees are trendy and cool, and a unique one will make people intrigued by you and wonder where you got it. 


wear a bandeau as a shirt



dress comfy and for the weather

You'll look like you're trying too hard if you're wearing a crop top in freezing cold weather. And concerts are no fun in sky-high heels, either. 


wear an obnoxious flower crown

If you wear a flower crown you automatically look like a wannabe Lana Del Rey. 


wear a flower headband

Yes, there's a MAJOR difference between flower crown and flower headband. Flower headbands, on the other hand, have been around long before the huge crown was. They're pretty, delicate, and girly, and now that floral headpieces are back in, embrace this trend correctly! 

As always, these are just my suggestions- you're free to wear whatever you want! 

Have a fun, festival-filled summer. ;) 

xx Signe


  1. I completely agree that a bandeau is not a top! Other than dress sensibly for the weather, wear what makes you happy. If you're happy in a flower crown or cape, who cares? You're there for the music anyways. Judgmental girls be damned!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. Loved reading this even though I'm not even going to a festival this year, I don't get why people would actually want to wear bandeau when they're not at the beach. I have to admit I like the obnoxious floral crowns, however I am obsessed with lana del rey so.. ;) xx


  3. I'm not going to a music festival but was an interesting read! I agree about the huge flower crown things, and the comment about the long cape thing made me laugh haha x

    Cup of Loveliness

  4. Great tips! Bandeau is definitely no-no.

    Lilly. xx