Tuesday, July 15, 2014

more recent movies I've watched

Donnie Darko (2001)


I wanted to like this movie but I just didn't totally get it. I mean, I did like it, it was unique and cool and interesting, but the ending just kinda left me like ummm.... I think I'd appreciate it more if I read an explanation of it.

Saved! (2004)


I'd never heard of this movie until I stumbled across it on Netflix. So. Funny. If you know know anybody that's an extreme Christian or are really opinionated on Christianity, you'll find this satire extremely funny. (Hillary Faye, played by Mandy Moore, is INSANE.)

Rachel Getting Married (2008) 


This movie was suggested to me on Netflix based on other movies I've watched and stuff. I was intrigued, so I gave it a shot. The acting was pretty good, but the whole thing was a huge snooze and an um...what...no. First of all, wtf was up with the camera guy?!?!? If you've watched this movie you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It was jerking around everywhere and made it look super amateur. Second of all, literally like 2/3 of the movie was like watching someone's wedding video!!!! There were a bunch of long irrelevant toasts and close ups of the family laughing and it wasn't even funny to the audience because it's the kind of humor you'd have to BE THERE to enjoy. Very boring. Third of all, I felt like the director got distracted by the musicians and dancers he casted for the wedding and there was a huge portion of the violinists playing and people dancing at the reception. COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO THE PLOT. 

Center Stage (2000)


Another movie I found on Netflix. I enjoyed this movie, mostly because I'm a dancer and I appreciated that pretty much all the actors in this movie were actual dancers. In general, I like dance movies because I like watching people dance. Frankly, I was surprised to learn this movie wasn't made for TV because it just kind of seemed like it... overall, it was entertaining but not anything special. 

Pulp Fiction (1994)


This was a really unique movie and it's considered one of the most significant movies of the 90's. It was a good movie but as a 16 year old girl, it wasn't as appealing as I think it would be to adults. The parts of the movie about forty-something year old guys doing business was quite boring to me. I didn't really like the violence either. I really liked Uma Thurman, though. 

American Psycho (2000)


This moving was b-o-r-i-n-g and there was nothing about it that stood out. Psychological thrillers are supposed to make you feel eerie or intrigued or strike some sort of chord in you that makes you think about things, but this left me with nothing. This movie was basically the cut-and-dry criteria for a clinical psychopath, so therefore Christian Bale's portrayal was accurate: self-absorbed, easily jealous, and manipulative. But anyone can look up the criteria of a psychopath. I wanted to get into the mind of one, and that's what this film failed to let the viewer do. 

xx Signe


  1. I really liked Donnie Darko, I had to go and look up the explanation of it but I did quite like it, and I want to watch Pulp Fiction! Nice post :)


  2. I like Donnie Darko and LOVE Pulp Fiction! Brilliant films but I was confused too with Donnie Darko.. still a great film nonetheless. Love this post.