Saturday, July 26, 2014

midsummer update: driving, dance, jobs, and colleges

Hey guys! It's been a while... sorry I have failed at blogging this week

I thought I was due for an update, so I thought I'd share with you all what's been going on in my life!


Passed my driving test, holla! Not the big one though, just the one on paper that makes you eligible for a permit (here in the U.S. anyway). Hopefully I'll head over to the DMV Monday to get registered! If I'm excited about anything, though, I'm overjoyed that the class is over...


I have been taking a ballet class this month, and it's been so much fun to get back into a more classical style! I haven't done classical ballet for about 2 1/2 years, but I signed up for the highest level and I was surprised to find I could still do everything just the way I always have! (Except maybe pointe... I've been sticking to the barre on pointe shoes for now.)


Now that I'm 16, I thought it was about time I tried to get an actual job (meaning: not babysitting.) I applied to be a musician at a local cafe-ish place, but I haven't heard back yet... I'm hoping I get it because it would be the perfect job for me! I think I'll also apply to work at the library this fall because that would also be a really good job.


Recently I sat down and did some intense college research and came up with a list of colleges I'm interested in. Location is honestly the biggest factor for me, and the three locations I'd want to be in are by Chicago, the West Coast, or the New York/New Jersey area.

In the Midwest...

1. Columbia College in Chicago: I could major in Live and Performing Arts!

ooh artsy

2. University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee: I didn't really like the idea of going to UWM because it's right in my hometown and it's not a very "original" place to go, but then I found out you could major in Inter-Arts. That's like exactly what I want to major in and it's like the only school that offers that major. It's still not my top choice but if nothing else works out I'd honestly be happy going there. 

the campus is actually somewhat pretty

On the West Coast.... 

3. Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle: I could major in Drama or Performing Arts. 


4. Portland State University: I could actually major in Creative Industries Studies- I didn't even know you could do that!!! AND YOU CAN HAVE A CAT AND YOUR OWN BATHROOM which is a big plus

hmm it looks welcoming

5. California Institute of the Arts: I could study Creative Writing or Writing For Performance, which is kind of unique! 

idk...much desert

In the Northeast...

6. New York University: I've been interested in NYU for a while and I think it seems like a really good school. I could major in Performance Studies. 

the campus is actually somewhat basic

7. Bard College in New York: I could major in Theater And Performance, and it's a plus that the campus is really pretty! this a resort

8. Queens University in New York: I could study Drama or Theatre Performance. 

campus = unappealing

9. Vassar College in New York: I could major in Drama or Media Studies. 

now this is classy

10. Lehman College in New York: I could major in Theatre or Multimedia Studies. 

they could use a little work..

11. York College in New York: I could major in Speech Communication And Theatre Arts, which is a nice, broad major. 

ok they could use a LOT of work

12. Marymount Manhattan: This is currently one of my top choices; it just looks like a place Signe would go!! I could study Communication Arts with a Creative Media Concentration, Performance And Digital Media, Theatre Performance, or Creative Writing. 

chic and fab. looks like a hotel. 

13. Ramapo College in New Jersey: I could study Communication Arts, Contemporary Arts, Creative Writing, or Music Performance. 


xx Signe

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