Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ingrid michaelson: songs I'm loving

I recently saw Ingrid Michaelson's concert at Summerfest here in Milwaukee and it was great! I had never really listened to her before the concert, but now I'm really inspired by her as a musician seeing she's a solo female singer-songwriter. 

She reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift (who is my favorite artist) in the concert; she was very personal with the audience and talked about what the songs meant to her.

The songs I'm currently loving: 

"Time Machine" - You usually don't hear such upbeat, instrument-heavy songs from singer-songwriters, so this is a fun change!

"Keep Breathing" - This song is so beautiful and is basically my life motto: just keep breathing. 

"One Night Town" - This song is very catchy and fun!

xx Signe

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