Friday, July 4, 2014

happy fourth

So I'm generally not a huge Fourth of July fan... but it's just not summer without it, you know??

Every year, we go to my town's Fourth of July parade and ice cream social in the morning, which is usually very lame, then we go to the next town over's parade because they've got the actual stuff. Then we go back to the same town's fireworks because our town doesn't even have any haha... 

Here's me and my sister!

#shamelessselfies (my phone camera quality is SO bad ew...)

My whole outfit!

hat // Marley Lilly
striped shirt // TJ Maxx
sparkly shirt // Ann Taylor LOFT
skirt // H&M
shoes // H&M (with red ribbons as laces)

I hope all of my American readers have a great Fourth!

xx Signe

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