Tuesday, July 22, 2014

book review // The Blue Mirror and Journals

Two more book reviews for you all....

The Blue Mirror by Kathe Koja


The Blue Mirror is about a quiet, artistic girl named Maggy. She's intrigued by a group of street kids and immediately falls for Cole, a mysterious yet charismatic character. As she is drawn further into life on the street and further away from her life at home and school, she is troubled by the fact she cannot draw Cole as well as she can draw all other people. It's not until she sees who he really is that he is able to draw him accurately. 
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book, because it was really a great read. The author's poetic writing style could be a little confusing at times but it was unique and refreshing. I loved the concept of this book SO much- the author was on point in addressing a big issue among teenagers: the romanticization of people who live alternatively. Cole looks beautiful to Maggy at first, but she can't draw him how she sees him. When she sees him how he really is, she's able to draw him, and it's not pretty. I just thought this was a REALLY REALLY REALLY good metaphor for things like drugs and alcohol and the appeal of the wrong crowd. The writing in this book was beautiful, although a little jumbled. I just wish there was more- at 118 pages, this could be a draft for something longer. All of the bones and purpose of the story was there, but I really wish it was longer and the author had added a little bit more character development and plot and stuff. 

Journals by Kurt Cobain


Journals is a collection of writings, lyrics, and letters written by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. 
I didn't know anything about Kurt Cobain before I read this, and I'm glad I did. Kurt Cobain was a really special person and he deserved to be understood. Although I don't really like music from Nirvana or the grunge/rock/punk genre, I respect him as a musician and as a person. Since he was so influential, I thought I'd benefit from reading this as an aspiring musician. But now I see that anyone would benefit from reading this. 
The thing about it, though, was that I felt like there wasn't much effort in putting it together. They put actual photographs of the journals onto every page, and a lot of them were a bit illegible. They should have put the picture of the actual page up in the corner or something so you could see what it looked like then have a re-typed text of the words to read. I also wished it was organized better. They didn't have to include every single thing; I'm sure if Kurt were still alive he'd probably admit the pages with random drawings or like 2 words were irrelevant. But the legible, meaningful pages made this read worthwhile. 

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  1. The Blue Mirror seems like a very good story :) Definitely my genre.
    About Journals, I like some songs of Nirvana, and I know Kurt Cobain is a legendary person. Maybe I'll read it someday!
    Thanks for the review, girl :) You did a wonderful job ^^

    isa | http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be

  2. Great reviews, I might check out The Blue Mirror at some point!