Sunday, June 29, 2014

life via insta

Here's my life according to instagram lately.....

We went to a farm and I held a chicken! 

Doing math on my tablet... 

...wait no that looks like blogging

At Strawberry Fest with my (a bit unenthusiastic) sister!

Overall, I've had a great summer so far! Today I'll probably clean my room, go to the pool or beach to try and get some sun (I'm lookin a bit pale..), give myself a DIY facial and do my nails, then I'm going to see The Wild Feathers at Summerfest! I think I'll do a post on my outfit for that- I've seen WAYYYY to many girls thinking it's Coachella... ugh

Have a great day!!

xx Signe


  1. Cute photos! Visiting a farm is such a good summer activity :)

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  2. lovely pics!

  3. Such a lovely post and pictures! Keep in touch!


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  5. Very lovely pics :) I like those sunnies ;)

  6. Lovely photos :)