Thursday, May 15, 2014

some things about me...

So, I have this problem. I'm incredibly… twitchy

If someone taps me on the shoulder, I flinch and get ready to fight! That is just the way my body reacts- the stimuli runs through my brain and I come up with all the possible scenarios of danger in a split second. People think it's hilarious. 

I wanted to know what was up, and I found out it's called sensory overload. I was then able to connect it to getting angry and feeling like crying over loud noises and my tongue getting "overwhelmed" by food. Apparently it is common among autistic, anxious, or highly intelligent people. I'm definitely not autistic but I'm definitely anxious and somewhat intelligent. 

I found this information on the gifted-problems tumblr. I feel odd and unqualified to call myself gifted but everything on there describes me PERFECTLY. 

YES! (no one understands)

ohh yes..


lol so accurate




…because everyone expects that I'm good at it for some reason

well that just summed up my life.

It's hard because people have difficulty seeing how I really feel about school and they don't get how I can be perfectionistic yet so incredibly lazy. 

Once again, I feel odd and unqualified to call myself "gifted." But I do think that perfectionism combined with intelligence is somewhat of a curse and leaves me self-loathing and overly sensitive. When you add teachers who expect me to succeed based off my test scores, you've set me up for failure and depression. 

I really don't know how I got from talking about being twitchy to this, but they're seemingly all interconnected. 

Oh the life of Signe. 

Do any of my readers feel like this??

xx Signe

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