Thursday, May 29, 2014

most embarrassing moments

I was inspired to write this post because I literally just had one: a girl walked up to me and said to pull my skirt down in the back. When I did, I found it was literally showing my ENTIRE butt. And I was walking around the library!!! 

I literally have a problem with accidentally flashing people, not even kidding. 

Here are three other instances when I've flashed people: 

1. Last year I came back after school to make up my final history exam. It was just me and my history teacher. As I got up and walked to the printer, then turned to walk back to my seat, my teacher pulled me over and was like "you might want to pull your skirt down in the back." Then I was like "oh.." then she was like "It's ok, you always want that to happen when there's another woman in the room!" Then winked at me, then I handed her my paper and ran away. So awkward. 
2. During the children's play I was in, I had to be asleep. During one of the performances I "slept" with my legs in an awkward crossed position. After I came off one of the stage crew people told me I had flashed half the audience and all the moms were looking at me uncomfortably. 
3. In seventh grade, I sang a song at the school talent show. Afterwards, I tried to do a curtsy because I thought I was cute or something… I ended up lifting my dress to accidentally show the audience my underwear. Seventh graders did not handle it well. 

Some other embarrassing moments: 
- When I was in China, I was practicing pirouettes in the airport and ended up kicking this lady in the shin. 
- We were practicing this jump thing at dance a few months ago and I just randomly fell when it was my turn. 
- In third grade, it was story time, and I thought there was just a chair behind me but it was really this guy… I rested my head in between his legs. He was like "woah there Signe…" and I was like "OMG SORRY I'M SO SORRY" I'm friends with the guy now and reminded him of this instance but he does not remember. 
- I scored in the bottom 12% of the state for listening comprehension on a standardized test, also in third grade. 
- When I was in the musical in 6th grade, the director was talking to me about my song, and I thought she meant sing it NOW, so I started belting it out and she was like "No no when we run the show…" 

I'm sure there are others but that's what I remember off the top of my head. 

Have a nice Wednesday. :)

xx Signe


  1. oh my this is a really funny post :) my skirt is always riding up, the amount of times i've reached the bus stop in the morning just to realise my skirt must've been up my bum the whole time...

  2. Haha this was so funny to read! It must have been really awkward...

  3. it's so funny but i know that that moment was probably horrible for you!
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