Thursday, May 1, 2014

innocence is a choice.

Last summer, I had to read this book for school. 

It might look familiar. Or maybe it doesn't. Anyway...this book ticked me off. 

I was especially mad about the way it was taught. Basically, we were taught that the theme was "you must lose innocence to grow up and if you don't then you die."

It was very difficult for me to write essays and answer questions on this concept because I REFUSE to accept it. 

My definition of innocence is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Seeing everyone as essentially good. Being soft towards everyone and everything. 

To me, innocence is maturity. Being like "yeah I don't trust people cause they always let you down and the world is a cold hard place" is just stupid. That is not the key to happiness! 

It is possible to experience horrible things and still be innocent. There is proof. I am proof. I have been extremely unhappy and got to a point where more people had treated me poorly than well. Do I still have faith that someone will treat me correctly? Yes! Maybe I'm just an idealist and an optimist, but I just refuse to give that up. I will NEVER stop believing that people are good. 

Audrey Hepburn is proof. She lived in Europe in WWII and was starving for years and couldn't dance anymore. She was still innocent. 

So yes. It is possible to go through terrible things and still turn out completely innocent. Because innocence is optimism, and you can have that in any circumstance. 

xx Signe


  1. Oh sweety! This post is great!!
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  2. I never finished reading this book because I was assigned it as extra credit for English and was too busy to finish it....I agree that being innocent doesn't mean not being mature. Love this post :)