Tuesday, May 6, 2014

crazy days...

...the city lights, the way you'd playyyy with me like a childddd…

Sorry, Young and Beautiful is my dance recital song so it's in my head allll the time. :P 

Anyway… I've been pretty busy lately, but have kept up with my blog! I still have to finish putting together the New York vlog I said I was making… 

Until then, I thought I'd share what's been going on! First of all, I took an AP yesterday… Psychology. I didn't take the class or prepare at all, I just took it because I like psychology and wanted to know what taking an AP was like. Me and my friend were the only ones who took it and so we were alone in this little room so we were literally just sitting there laughing at all the questions. Most notable were:

"Rudy thinks the television is sending him special messages."
"Mitch has gotten fired from four jobs and has been arrested twice for getting in fights."
"Sam wants to be in a relationship but keeps failing."
"At what point of the sexual excitement cycle…" (at that point I was like NO)

At least the questions entertained me.

I really don't have anything else to share besides the fact it's showtime for the play I'm in! I mean, unless you counted the downfall of my grades… 

Me: *checks grades*
Me: (Bastille voice) how am I gonna be an optimist about this
My sister: well if you close your eyes…


There are just more important things in my life right now!! Plus we're reading Macbeth and IT CURSES PLAYS AND I'M IN A PLAY SOOOO.. 
Yeah… anyway, the play I'm in is A Midsummer Night's Dream! We're doing it with modern costumes and props, however. I am Peaseblossom the fairy. :)

Getting ready…

in costume! 

close up :) 

my makeup is done by my amazing friend Lili! 

me and my friend Amanda aka Cobweb

sneak peek of the stage! 

Working on this show has been SOOO incredible because I'm lucky that my school has money to buy stuff for our theatre program. I feel like this is a glimpse of what performing in a mainstream pop/rock concert is like (I sing and play guitar) because we have bubbles, a smoke machine, fireworks, confetti, fog, and lots of glitter. 

We had three shows last weekend and we have two shows this weekend. I can't wait to share more with you! 

xx Signe


  1. Wow how exciting! Well done you, you look great in your costume!
    Also lol'd at the psychology questions, I took a few modules in psych at university and they weren't nearly as entertaining as that :(

    Efflorescent Dream

  2. So great pics!


  3. The dress is adorable! xx


  4. How exciting! The costume and makeup look awesome!