Friday, May 23, 2014

birthday wish list

Well, well…it's THAT time of year again. 

Aka, my birthday! I'll be turning 16 this year. The usual routine for my birthday and Christmas is that my mom declares I can't have a wish list because a) we're "trying to save money" and b) she has already bought me stuff. (By saying that I just mean the typical mom thing… not trying to "expose" our financial situation.) ;) 

I am always appreciative of all gifts I receive from my family, but, HOORAY, she hasn't bought me anything yet!! It's nice to have a say in my gifts once in a while!

I'm not expecting to receive everything on here… but here's a few things I've had in mind:

one // a small rodent friend

…preferably a hedgehog, rat, or guinea pig!! I've ALWAYS wanted a hedgehog, never had a rat, and did have a guinea pig once.. (that was a very sad story.) Besides, I really miss my birdy snowy!! A lil rodent friend would fill the void in my heart. :)

two // a cool camera (polaroid?)

Urban Outfitters has the coolest cameras ever. It doesn't even have to be polaroid- I just want a cool camera that takes artsy pictures!! I know that the film and everything can get reallyyyy expensive but the one in the picture isn't too bad of a price. (There's some on Etsy that are only like 20.) 

Wait… I feel like there was more… hmm that is all I can think of right now! :/ Sorry it's not too extensive. If you want, you can give me some ideas! 

xx Signe

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  1. i'd love a hedgehog and a polaroid, a hedgehog snuck into my garden about a month ago and he was so cute and he was there for about a week but then we called RSPCA and he got taken to a retirement home :'( and polaroids are so cute!!