Wednesday, April 30, 2014

what is a healthy lifestyle?

Well, I can tell you what a healthy lifestyle is definitely NOT... from both ends of the scale.

A healthy lifestyle is NOT:
...eating food to the point you feel sick to comfort your emotions.
...spending all your time inside on the couch.
...only eating foods with little nutrients.

But a healthy lifestyle is ALSO NOT:
...getting upset because you missed a workout.
...eating foods you don't even like just because they're healthy.
...denying yourself of yummy food.
...putting off your social life to exercise.

A healthy lifestyle IS:
...exercising to relieve stress and to take care of your body.
...eating fresh fruits and vegetables to fill your body with nutrients.
...refraining from stress-eating.

But a healthy lifestyle IS ALSO:
…giving your body rest when it needs it.
…rewarding yourself with treats.
…eating food cause it's yummy.

A healthy lifestyle is about balance. This sums it up pretty well:

xx Signe

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