Friday, April 11, 2014

dark colors in spring

Darker colors are generally only thought of as appropriate for fall and winter, but that is totally wrong! Some people have an edgier style, and you can't expect them to switch over to bright pinks and sunny yellows every spring! 

So, how do you wear a spring outfit with darker colors to differentiate it from an early fall outfit? 

1. Show skin. (Not in a prostitute-ish way, obviously- I mean either a shirt with shorter sleeves, a skirt with no tights, or shorts.)

2. Stay away from tall boots. Tall boots scream "fall and winter." Sneakers, sandals, or flats are appropriate for spring, in addition to shorter boots (but I'd put those away when June rolls around too.)

3. Lighter fabrics. When it comes to seasonal fashion, the fabric material can make a world of difference. A thin black cardigan is totally appropriate, but a thick one is so not. 

4. Mix it with something lighter. If you really want to wear something that's borderline a fall piece (such as tights), it's a good idea to mix it with a floral, pastel, or lace. 

If you follow all of this criteria, your outfit should be totally appropriate for spring! And if your mom *cough*mom*cough* or an annoying preppy girl *cough*my sister* cough* tries to tell you otherwise, punch them in the face! (But not actually)

Happy Spring!!

xx Signe


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