Thursday, April 24, 2014

blog design help

So guys, 

as you may know, I recently changed my blog design! 

I love my new header and think it's really cute, but I don't like all the white space. The thing is, everything has to be white because otherwise the white boxes around pictures show up. But it just looks too boring! Does anyone have any ideas of how I can make it look a little more spiffy??

Thanks for your help. :)

xx Signe


  1. Is there anyway to make the details (lines around the sidebar) a super bold color?

  2. You could customise the navigation bar a bit, add some colour around your followers widget and such!

  3. Actually, I kinda like your blog design but if you need help, I suggest checking out
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  4. Vintage hipster and quirky hipster are my favourites, they look SO cute!