Friday, March 14, 2014

trend-spotting: spring/summer 2014

Overall, grunge is still highly on trend, with even tendencies to lean towards goth. Here's the related trends I've noticed popping up lately: 

{choker necklaces}

The emphasis has been all on longer necklaces in the past few years, with just recently the focus of "statement" necklaces. But now, these shorter, choker necklaces are back in. (You may remember ones like the one in the picture from like 2003.) 

{acid wash}

Acid wash has gone from a joke to very, very trendy in the fashion world recently. 

{dark lipstick colors}

My theory is that the new emphasis on darker lips came about due to these "disposable grunge" photography blogs- a disposable camera flash makes a person look super pale, which provides for a cool contrast with the lips. 

{ripped and fishnet tights}

I thought I was cool cause I had a pair of ripped black tights... then my mom threw them away.

{colored and silver hair}

I always thought that silvery hair looked washed out and dull, but the trend is growing on me. 

{short hair}

Short hair seems to be the thing among celebrities right now- Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Miley, Karlie Kloss, and now Taylor Swift have been sporting it recently. Long hair will always be in style, but we do tend to follow what celebrities do!

xx Signe


  1. Love the colored hair styles!

    X Nora /

  2. I love choker necklaces! I need to find my old ones ;)

  3. i love pastel hair and chokers! :)x