Thursday, March 6, 2014

the thing about feminism

The thing about feminism that defeats the purpose of it is that feminists make men look superior without even realizing it. Feminists throughout history have displayed their beliefs by engaging in "male" activities and dressing like males. It just makes no sense for a woman to dress up like a guy and sneak into war then call herself a feminist. Isn't that being a masculinist???

The thing about feminism that I have a problem with is that the idea encourages women to act like men, and therefore reinforces the idea that males ARE superior.

By definition, it would be logical for feminism to mean women embracing their womanly side. But what is the "womanly side?" Historically, it's staying at home and being a mom and having kids- everything a "feminist" DOESN'T want to do. That's why I think we need to get rid of the term "feminism" altogether and start calling it gender equality. 

You want to have kids and be a mom? Do it!
You want to be a lawyer and not get married? Do it!
You want to be a girly-girl and go into fashion? You can do that too!

Stop trying to go one way or the other. Just do what YOU want in life, regardless if you're male or female- and that is gender equality.

xx Signe


  1. I both agree and disagree.I feel like feminism tries to display to people that women can to whatever they feel like;they don't have to be a certain size and so on,so if women want to wear pants and act manly they can.I think that's partially a purpose of feminism. x

  2. I disagree. I know many feminists and honestly, I don't think that the definition you stated defines feminism. Developed feminism is in no way dressing up as a male. Feminism is promoting gender equality hence the phrase "Everyone should be feminists." And I'm confused by your statement "It just makes no sense for a woman to dress up like a guy and sneak into war then call herself a feminist." That's defying rules set against women and breaking that barrier - that's feminism.
    The choices a female makes in life is only a fraction of feminism. It's how we're treated on the streets. It's how men have blurred the lines of consent. It's how we're treated in congress. It's how we're perceived as bossy when we are being strong.

    To me, feminism is a much bigger fight. And I mean this comment in a positive fashion, I'm a feminist and I defend it :)

  3. This was a great post! :) You made some valid points, but I've studied feminism for some time now & I can assure you the aim isn't to make women be like men. It's simply to say women don't have a specific role and that we can do whatever we like. Feminists don't have a problem with being a stay at home mom, or women joining the military they just fight for women's rights to be able to do both if that's what they want. :)
    But I do agree, it should just be all about gender equality! :D

    x leah symonne x