Thursday, February 13, 2014

why i hate the school dress code

By now, you all have probably seen this...

And yeah, it's true. 

But I thought I'd add my opinion on why dress code is more than "dumb," but sexist. 

1. The girls' dress code exists for the guys. 
Why should we have to dress for someone else??

2. The girls' dress code exists so that guys aren't "distracted."
Hello, you can't keep males in high school forever. They need to get used to resisting distractions! 

3. It suggests that normal body parts are "taboo" and should be concealed. 
Well yeah, you don't wanna run around flashing everybody. But I feel like guys just grow up with the idea that they should be freaked out or have some sort of reaction to a female body. 

4. It assumes everyone is straight. 
Like, there isn't a rule that states skin-tight shorts not being allowed on guys, you know?...

6. It assumes everyone has the same body type. 
Some people's arms are super short and some people's arms are super long. Therefore, some people can get away with wearing short shorts, while others can barely pass the test with shorts halfway down their thigh. In addition, some girls are barely developed. Would you SERIOUSLY yell at a childish-looking girl for wearing a snug tank top? I don't think so. 

7. It teaches girls to believe that dressing a certain way automatically makes them "promiscuous." 
Because of this, a lot of girls put away things they want to wear because they're like "omg, I can't wear that! I don't wanna look scandalous!" Most of the time, they're hardly that.

8. It looks down upon people who are comfortable with their bodies.
Do you know how much courage it can actually take a person to wear a piece of clothing that makes them feel good? Let's say I got a pair of shorts that I was nervous about wearing because I was feeling self-conscious of my body. Nevertheless, I decide to conquer my fears and wear them confidently. Do you know how much that would CRUSH my entire self-esteem if someone told me they weren't "appropriate"? Most teenage girls would feel embarrassed and immediately blame their bodies. 

So yeah. That needed to be said. 

xx Signe

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  2. I understand, I had a dress code all throughout middle school and it really frustrated me. (On a side note for your Q&A: What's your favorite band/singer at the moment?)

  3. Yeah I feel. Thankfully, I haven't gotten a violation though I violate it most of the time. I think being involved in school gets you in less trouble haha. And it sucks because it's hot where I live. I must wear shorts.