Friday, February 21, 2014

preppy trends that need to go

(warning: if you're preppy and easily offended then don't read)

{Sail to Sable tunics}

These are literally just so WTF. Like no. As a beach coverup, ok, but it is NOT a dress. Actually, I think they look ok on 40-year-old moms, but I don't understand why teenage and 20-something bloggers are raving about them because they're not flattering on young people. 

{Patterned Lilly Pulitzer clothes}

Some are cute. Others, especially in the pants department, I want to vomit on.

Like these.

Ok, and those aren't even that bad. I've seen much worse a couple years ago; luckily they've improved. 

Like, who WEARS that stuff?!? Who wears brightly colored patterned pants like that??? Seriously??

{chevron clothes}

On pillows and picture frames and bedspreads and other interior decor, chevron is super cute. But on CLOTHES... ew. Most of the time it just doesn't work. 

In short, the kind that needs to go is the kind that is big and in a bright obnoxious color, such as hot pink, orange, coral, or lime green. Other kinds can stay:


First of all, I never liked the anchor thing, because I always just thought of some 60 year old guy's tattoo or a gang symbol. 


But that aside, ohhh LAWWDDDD. Anchors are so overdone by now I am seriously annoyed when I see more. 


Anchor SHORTS!




Literally, you can google search "anchor ___ " and you will find it. I thought anchors would die out at the end of 2012, but apparently I was wrong. It honestly wasn't bad at first, I am just so sick of seeing anchors everywhere! Like seriously, most of us are not in a boat. Find a different symbol. 

{jack rogers}

This is really just a personal opinion: I hate Jack Rogers. I just think they're ugly. Unfortunately, they've been around for a while and aren't going out of style anytime soon. By the way, for some reason I'M ON THEIR EMAIL LIST. I've never even been on the Jack Rogers website?!...

Are there any preppy trends you despise?

xx Signe


  1. Haha, this is so funny because I think those dresses
    are so cute and preppy, I love the floral print pants for
    spring, and I love the chevron print on cute blouses
    and dresses like that! Bahaha!

    I don't like the last pair of sandals, though haha!

  2. I love preppy pieces! Especially anchors - they're a classic part of the nautical trend that ends up coming around every summer! I think those tunics are definitely an acquired taste though! This post is so funny - to see how peoples taste differ - clever idea!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  3. I hate jack rogers and the chevron pattern, I am not joking when I say EVERY GIRL at my school wears those two together and I can't stand it! I guess everyone just has different styles!

  4. hahaha I love the reaction to the first dresses, I personally like them, but I can see how you think they are beach coverups. And I don't really like chevron that much either.


  5. Usually at the bottom of those emails, you will find a tiny "unsubscribe" button. You won't have to be spammed by them anymore. I agree with most of this. I have to disagree with the anchors though. I think in certain accessories, they cute. I like little earrings with them. Though the wallpaper and shorts are definitely too much.

  6. I must admit all of this is not nice! I don't like prints much and like to keep things simple I also don't understand why people like anything baggy but I suppose if your tall it looks good but a petite person like me it basically drowns your frame/figure :( xx

  7. I seriously could not agree with you anymore. I live in the heart of the south and girls wear these things EVERY DAY. It makes me want to claw my eyes out and hope I never have to see any of this again.

  8. I would have to say I have a preppy style but I am very picky about it. I agree with the Sail to Sable "dresses". To me, they are overpriced beach coverups. I like Lilly, but only in moderation, people take it too over the top and are obnoxious over it (also another overpriced brand). HAHA I HATE CHEVRON. I did have a monogram phone case with it on there two summers ago before everyone fell into the trend... I guess I am a trendsetter (haha jkjk) But people live and breathe chevron here in the south and I want to punch a wall everytime I see it. People overdo anchors as well. Earrings are fine along with phone cases (except the anchor phone cases with a monogram in them) but everything else is kind of annoying. I have to disagree about the Jack Rogers, I have weird feet and I can go to them because they fit me best. I don't go for the over the top pairs, I stick with the platinum.


  9. Walk away from those things then. I always thought the chevron patterns came from ghetto people, never once thought preppy.