Thursday, February 27, 2014

is it static or dynamic?

There's always two different theories: the first is your personality is set in stone and your fate is decided for you, the second is that your personality evolves over time and you decide what your fate is. 

Now, "everything happens for a reason" is my life motto, but I also believe in chasing the life you want. I don't believe that life works one way or the other, I believe these two aspects work together.

I believe that...

1. Our personalities are given to us the day we're born, but how we interact with others is developed throughout our lives.

2. Everything happens for a reason so we can learn and change from it. 

3. We are given a fate that we can choose to change anytime. 

4. Intelligence is determined at birth, but we can work with what we have

5. We have natural preferences that can be changed or overshadowed by life experiences.

In conclusion, there's no reason that this "fate" must be so specific. I believe that everybody is given a fate, but there's no rules on how the person has to react to it.  

What do you think?

xx Signe

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