Tuesday, February 11, 2014

extreme measures for those who severely struggle with punctuality

So, as many may know, I have a bit of a punctuality issue. Not for everything, though. Only for school. Everything else I'm good. 

They think I don't try. But I try EVERYTHING. All of my techniques work for like 2 days and then I struggle again. (By the way, I usually don't go to bed later than 10 and nearly always have my outfit picked out the day before.)

But, if you're one that struggles with punctuality, then maybe you'll benefit from the things I've tried: 

1. Wear the clothes you'll be wearing the next day to bed. This will spare you 10 extra minutes. (Well, for me, sadly, it takes me 10 minutes.) 
2. Set a series of multiple alarms that go off during the night. This will make sure you know you're alive and by the time you actually have to get up, it will be no big deal. 
3. Get Alarm Clock Xtreme. Make the setting so that it will not go off until you solve math problems. 
4. On Alarm Clock Xtreme, set it to the alarm that plays a jungle tribal song. The scary sounds of what sounds like a tribal sacrifice will be sure to wake you up. (Well, for me, it doesn't anymore.) 
5. Get your dog to come in and run on top of your face. Self-explanatory. 

Right now, nothing is working as well as I'd like it to. Perhaps I should just go back to wearing pajamas and having one alarm of peaceful beach noises to wake me up in the morning. Maybe it will be refreshing. 

Also, I think I'll just start carrying my makeup with me and putting it on at school, because that dang mascara is what's making me late I swear. 

What do you guys do to wake yourselves up in the morning?

xx Signe


  1. Ha. I so hate waking up in the morning. I wake up because I have to get my kids to school. Otherwise I'd keep sleeping.

  2. I have 6 sisters and brothers so that's my alarm clock.

  3. Haha I always try and drink a lot of water once I wake up and then I leave the curtains slightly open so light gets into my face because I honestly would not wake up if the sun wasn't straight in my eyes.