Thursday, January 9, 2014


So, we hear about how LGBTQ people are often victims of bullying and violence. 

But I recently read some statistics about transgender people that were just so shocking and eye-opening that I felt the need to share them. 

1 in 12 transgender people will be murdered. 

70% of those murders are perpetrated against people of color. 

50% of transgender people will be victims of violence. 

25% of transgender people are victims of physical or sexual assault. 

49% of transgender people will attempt suicide at some point in their life. 

18% of all homeless youth are transgender. 

15% of all transgender people live in extreme poverty. 

16% of transgender people are forced to work in an underground economy to survive. 

I was completely shocked by these numbers. I'm not posting this to make people do anything or do try to prove anything, I'm posting this to raise awareness. I don't think anybody realized it was this bad and hopefully now you know. In the end, being aware of the problem will be the first step to changing anything. 

xx Signe


  1. It's terrible, really terrible. Sort of a stupid comment because that's obvious but it makes me so sad to read this :-(

  2. This in insane, it's disturbing to know how inhumane humans can actually be, I hate the most that it's mainly due to differences such as 'transgender, homeless, colour' makes me sick to my stomach that difference causes such pain when it's probably the most beautiful thing!

    On a lighter note your blog looks amazing! I love what you've done with it since I was last on here (: xx

  3. these are crazy numbers, I wish we could all just get along and live in peace

  4. Thank you for bringing this up. Laverne Cox was recently on the Katie Couric show and brought this to attention. People focus on the transition and not these crazy facts. They don't get to talking about the violence and hate transgenders have to face throughout their lives. It's so unfortunate that such ignorant people live in the world.