Friday, January 31, 2014

best dressed : GRAMMYs 2014

Actress Anna Faris looked lovely in this dark blue dress- she kept it simple with just a bit of flair. 

Taylor Swift looked stunning, as usual. This sparkly and classy dress gives off a bit of a vintage vibe. 

I thought Katy Perry's dress was seriously perfect- it has a really unique vibe, but wasn't as crazy as what she normally wears. I also thought her makeup was gorgeous!

I love all the pastels and sparkles in singer Brooklyn Haley's dress. Definitely a standout piece!

I thought Sarah Hyland's 60's-inspired dress looked super cute on her. 

Ariana Grande looked adorable in this vintage-inspired dress. It's something different for the red carpet!

Kacey Musgrave's dress was SO PRETTY and her simple hairstyle wasn't too distracting. 

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were definitely the best-dressed for guys! Their outfits were straight off the runway, but still coordinated and presentable. 

Who did you think was best dressed at the GRAMMYs? 

xx Signe


  1. I love Taylor Swift and Anna Faris - they both looked stunning! <3

    Ellen xx

  2. Wow, they all look awesome, all so classy

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  3. I loved Taylor Swifts dress! In my opinion, she definitely looked the best!

  4. I love the dress of the first picture!

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