Friday, December 20, 2013

VS fashion angels.

I don't know if this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I'm going to say it anyway. I love the Victoria's Secret Fashion Angels.

A lot of people hate on them and what they're "promoting," but I just don't see why. First of all, I'm not saying I want to walk down the street dressed like one. It bothers me when people assume THEY walk down the street dressed like that, as if they're trashy or something. They're costumed!! And I think the costumes are quite tasteful and pretty (you know, for a lingerie fashion show). 

It's kind of like fashion turned into costumes. Their approach to a fashion show is so unique, which I love. All the girls are best friends and always have a great time onstage. 

 Basically, besides the attitude towards what they wear, there's a negative connotation towards the audience Victoria's Secret is trying to target. I'm tired of hearing the complaining about how VS doesn't sell larger sizes, they show one body type, blah blah blah.... but what is wrong with that??? VS has gotten requests to expand to plus-sizes, which would obviously make them 10x more successful. So why haven't they? Because they have a specific type of person they're trying to sell to. 

If you don't have the body type VS is trying to sell to, then stop trying to change them. I don't understand why people with a different body type can't go buy their lingerie from a company that targets their body type. There's lingerie out there for EVERYBODY and there's nothing wrong with anybody's body type. If you believe that VS is saying a larger body type is "wrong," then isn't a plus-size company saying a smaller body type is "wrong?" It's the reason why VS is famous for their push-up bras. Because slender girls often have no boobs! Most of their advertising promises enhanced curves, to obviously target girls that don't have any. I don't understand why all the curvy girls are complaining about the VS models and essentially trying to change their marketing techniques. VS advertising isn't promoting skinny girls, it's promoting how their products will make girls look curvy. So OBVIOUSLY, to show the "before and after" with their bras or whatever, they have to show someone who has small boobs at first! 

Their advertising simply would not work if curvy or bigger girls were their models because no one would see the point in their products. The girls would already be curvy. 

Something that drove me insane was Dove's "comeback" to Victoria's Secret's "love your body" slogan. 

The VS one was criticized because they only showed one body type. The Dove one was praised....but isn't that one showing only one body type as well??

Why does everybody have to get so mad at the VS models when they didn't do anything wrong? Cara Delevingne's bra size is 31A. She doesn't exercise very often and in fact ate at McDonald's the day before this:

Obviously, there's nothing unrealistic about Cara's proportions because this is naturally what her body looks like. Of course, not every body looks like this, and that is totally fine! It's just frustrating when people without this body type hate on those who have it. Cara admits she's actually self-conscious of her body and wishes she could gain weight and have curves. This is totally where VS comes in. She's perfect to promote their products because she shows it's possible to have curves with them. It honestly makes me sad when people get so angry at VS models because I wish everyone could just accept their body and buy the products that target them. 

Karlie Kloss and Cara are my favorite models, so it made me so happy to see them with this picture of my idol Taylor Swift!

I was seriously so happy when Taylor performed and walked the runway at the fashion show this year. Picking Taylor was such a great choice because she's the perfect celebrity to promote their products- she has pretty much the same height and body proportions as all the models. 

Obviously, Taylor's not a model, which just goes to show that this body type is really just the audience that VS is targeting. 

I've mentioned before how much I hate skinny-girl bashing. What's with this "Anti-Size Zero" campaign? What's wrong with being a size zero? I seriously think the media is going completely insane sometimes. Especially since people put so much time and effort into these "protests" and "campaigns" when there are MUCH MUCH MUCH more serious things to be campaigning about. How about war?... Inquality?... Unfair treatment of families in Sudan?... And yet, you pick to protest against the girls at the VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW? 

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with having a bigger body. Just don't get upset at a company that is trying to make money off of a body type that's not yours. Trust me, there are companies designed to fit EVERY body type!

xx Signe


  1. I thought your point about the dove photo v the vs photo was very interesting, it is also only showing one body type! It does annoy me that, that is considered the 'real' body type because there isn't one! everyone different, there are women who are a lot larger and women who are a lot smaller than that. I reckon dove had good intentions but it would have been more impressive if they'd shown a wider variety of body types.

    Rose xo

  2. I'm so glad that someone else feels like this too! The VS models look so good, they're obviously in great shape and take care pf themselves. I don't understand what's wrong with that~ they aren't saying that being curvy is bad, whereas the Dove adverts are claiming that being skinny is 'fake'. I'm super petite, and even though I'm not tall, I'm still pretty skinny and always have been - so I could use underwear like the VS rather than the ones designed for larger women.

    Some people these days, so driven by what the media says omg*-* Thanks for posting this Signe, it's a really interesting issue to talk about(: x

  3. Amen ! All the media do now is sham petiter girls, I understand that we should all be proud of our curves and what not but now they media only say that curvy is healthy and that if you're of a slim build you're anorexic or not eating enough they should say all types are healthy as long as you are eating enough and exercising and explain metabolisms they can't keep rating curvy over skinny or skinny over curvy. I love this blogpost so much and your perspective xx

  4. so cool!
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  5. This is amazing! I love you last comment, you are so right "there are companies designed to fit every body type". You have such a lovely blog!

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  6. Love VS. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  7. not sure how they do it, but each year show get's better!


  8. I look forward to the fashion show ever year. I think last year's VS show was more energetic and full of fun with Justin B, Rihanna and Bruno Mars. This year it was just lacking. The fashion represented by the fashion show models were cute as always. I feel that the war the media have waged on curvy vs skinny should just end. I look at the outer beauty.

  9. I apologize for my name coming up as unknown. LOL. I'm Marilyn.