Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the whole GFC situation (aka, GFC is not gone)

I'd just like to clarify a couple things because everybody seems to think that GFC is gone because the widget won't load.  

I mean, I don't really know, but I'm assuming that GFC is NOT gone. 

The widget is still available to add to your layout, my GFC followers are still appearing on my dashboard, and all the blogs I follow via GFC are appearing as well. If Google/Blogger was REALLY getting rid of GFC, then the first thing they'd do would obviously be take it out of the widget store. 

The app always has problems loading, and right now it just looks like it does when it's not loading. Except now, it's never loading. I don't think it's "gone," I think there's just been a glitch in the widget. 

Just a reminder: the GFC widget is just that, a widget. GFC itself is still up and running. 

This is the right-hand side of my dashboard when I log into blogger: 

Obviously, the blogs I follow via GFC are still there. 

In addition, it's even possible to follow more blogs: 

By clicking "add," as shown in the first picture, you're totally still able to follow blogs via GFC and read them like you normally would. 

The only thing that's "gone" right now is the widget. Actually, it's really just the contents of the widget- the widget is still appearing in my layout and on all of our blogs. Our actual followers, as displayed on our blogs, are the only thing that's not showing up right now. 

If you want to view how many followers you have, your GFC followers are visible on your dashboard. 

So, all these posts that are saying "RIP GFC" and "GFC is gone" are not true. GFC is still alive and with is.  

I'd also just like to mention that GFC has literally "died" like five times in the past year....like doesn't anybody ever see a pattern? :P

xx Signe


  1. Woo! Thanks for this! Hopefully it returns soon then! :)
    http://theadorabledork.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. i'm so glad you did a post. people were asking me and i hadn't looked into it as of yet. thanks!

  3. I kept on wondering why everyone was going all crazy a few months ago about it going away and where asking everyone to switch to Bloglovin! I kept on waiting for it to go away, and it never did!!!!! :)

  4. Yeah just did a post on this controversy too. They can't take it away. There's too big a demand for it.


  5. It's come back again now thankfully! Feel a bit silly now! :P x

  6. Hey Lovelyy blog! lets stay in touch?
    Follow each other?? Do let me know will follow right back ^_^


  7. So glad to have cleared that up, cause everybody was telling me is gone ! Great job!

  8. I'm really bummed that so many people have taken the widget off their blog because of yesterday :(
    Yesterday's glitch made the blogging community become England everytime it snows :') GET THE SHOVELS, RAID TESCO'S, WE NEED BATTERIES.

    Other Infinities