Thursday, December 5, 2013

simple ways to be more mindful, less stressed, and more positive

I've been going to a weekly yoga class the past couple of months and it has been amazing. The instructor is perfect and she always inspires me with new ways to be more mindful. 

one \\ Invite small movements to your body when waking up like breathing, moving your head, and stretching. This brings your mind back into the world slowly rather than being forced into it. 

two \\ Engage your senses once a day. This could mean drinking tea, lighting a candle and watching the flame, or taking a bath. We are often thinking about either the past or the future and doing a simple thing and just thinking about how it feels, what it sounds like, or what it looks like is an amazing way to bring us back into the present. 

three \\ Be conscious of your breathing. Focusing on breath for a minute or two is an excellent way to calm us and make us more aware of our body. 

four \\ Listen to music, engage in physical activity, and make physical contact with others. If you do these things every day, you'll be happier. 

five \\ Always have something to look forward to. I look forward to the morning because that's when I have green tea and read nice quotes. I look forward to biology because that's when I eat fruit snacks. I look forward to study hall because that's when I check my blog. Looking forward to the little things will help us appreciate them. 

six \\ Eat whole grains, vegetables, and protein. A healthy diet is proven to work wonders when it comes to mood. 

seven \\ Get some sleep. Because you can't function without it. Every night you go to sleep, think of it as the time you disappear from the world for a little while. It's the time to forget about everything you did and didn't do and just escape. And it's an escape that's totally ok. 

xx Signe


  1. I need this. Hopefully the xmas break will help relax a little and get things back in order. Hate feeling like everything's messy! Haha.

    I love your blog :) following on GFC & bloglovin
    I'm doing some xmas giveaways on my blog. Would love it if you had a peek! xx

  2. This is so great, such great advice, Signe!! I'm thinking of going to yoga classes myself, you've inspired me! ♥

    Liana x
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