Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My First Time // tag

(No, no, no....this has nothing to do with what I'm sure you thought of when you read that. :P)

First Best Friend: My first best friend was Caroline. We met picking flowers when we are 4 and have been friends ever since. 

First Concert: Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds. Swaaaaggg

First Celebrity Crush: I think it was something really lame like Chad Dylan Cooper from Sonny With a Chance. 

First Word: According to my mom it was "flower."

First Job: Babysitting?? I suppose my blog is kinda my first "job." 

First Phone: Lolololol. It was the summer before 8th grade and it was like a Pantech green touch-screen with a sliding keyboard. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

First Tweet: "THIS IS MY FIRST TWEET!!!" Typical. 

First Makeup: I did dance for a long time, so I had a little collection of dance makeup for thatThe first makeup I actually wore to school was the typical Maybelline green and pink mascara. It was towards the end of 8th grade and my mom wasn't exactly thrilled I wanted to wear makeup, but went along with it. Of course, when my younger sister started wearing makeup in 7th grade my mom didn't care. :P

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  1. Your first cellphone just made me feel REALLY OLD! My first cell phone was when I was 17--10 years ago! yikes--, and it was this little blue LG flip phone that was the FIRST phone that offered a color screen. Yup...true story!