Sunday, December 29, 2013

major update: winter break

Hello hello!

I've had quite a nice winter break. It has actually seemed SO LONG, which is a really good thing. I go back to school on Thursday, so I still have the next three days off. I've literally done nothing the entire time in hopes that I will get too bored of doing nothing and want to do something by Thursday. At first, I was seriously annoyed that they were making us go back to school for two days before another weekend, but now I realize it's kind of nice- we'll ease back into school slowly instead of being shocked by a treacherous 5-day week. 

So what's been on my radar? 

one // My awesome new tablet

I was lucky enough to receive the 8-inch Samsung Tab 3 for Christmas and I love it! The size is perfect and it functions really well. The best part about it is that it has a word processor and the capability to connect to any bluetooth printer. I just ordered a keyboard for it, so I'll be able to do homework on it AND carry it around. It's like portable microsoft word!

two // Lots of food and lots of clothes

Haha....this pretty much sums up winter break in a single statement. I've been eating a bit too many cookies....but what can I say, they only come once a year! In addition, my room is currently overflowing with clothes. I received some great stuff this year and I can't wait to show it all in some new outfit posts!

three // Holiday makeup

I've recently been trying out some new holiday makeup looks and it's been fun. I got some new makeup for Christmas and it's nice to change up my look once in a while!

four // Doggies

This is me with my grandma's dog, Thor. :) He is a teeny tiny little yorkie! I've never been a dog person, but I've been taking a liking to them lately! Although I only like my dog about half the time (sorry Hazel), I'm totally in love with Thor in addition to my aunt's new dog, Colt (a blue heeler.)

five // Dance

(please excuse my try-hard duck face..)

Guess what: I'm officially a dancer again!!! I've been really missing it, so I took a risk and signed up for a class even though I haven't danced for a year and a half. To my surprise, my dancing ability is almost completely still present. I've been strictly a traditional ballet dancer for many years, and it's a lyrical class, which is like ballet with a bit more freedom for expression and a modern touch. So it's very different, but I've been getting used to it! I love the studio and the class is only once a week, which fits perfectly with my schedule. 

six // Catching up with friends

^^ Me and Caroline twinning in Christmas sweaters!! I've been terribly lonely the entire semester at school and literally have no friends in any of my classes. It was kind of nice to not be's been lonely. So I've been having some fun get-togethers and gift exchanges!

seven // "Family Time"

....I don't really have a caption for this one.

eight // Starbucks

I have THREE Starbucks gift cards so I've been going nonstop. My favorite thing to get is a skinny vanilla latte, but I also tried a skinny peppermint mocha. :) Yes, I'm the ultimate white girl.. 

I hope you all have had a great holiday!!

xx Signe


  1. winter break is the best!

  2. Awh looks like you've been having a lovely time, also jealous of your Starbucks gift cards!