Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Look at how far you've come.

Whenever I think about my dreams and goals and how I'm never going to reach them, I remind myself of my old dreams and goals. And how I've reached them. And then, I have absolutely no doubt I won't become the person I want to be in the future.

Looking back at my 11, 12, and 13 year old selves, I realize that I am exactly the person I dreamed about being. 

I've pulled out my 6th grade diary for this post, and oh, is it hilarious. 

The top five things I wanted in 2009: 

1. "A CELL PHONE!! Everyone has one! And everyone texts, too."
2. "A LAPTOP. If I had one, I'd totally take it on the plane and watch movies." 
3. "CONTACTS. If I had them, I would be so much prettier!" (lol my self esteem was low)
4. "A CREDIT CARD WHERE I WOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY THE BILLS! That would make my life like perfect!"
5. "TO BE FAMOUS!!" 

Ok, I have a cell phone. I don't have a laptop but I'm getting a tablet for Christmas ha. I have contacts. Yes, they do make life easier. Uh, I'm disregarding the fantasy of #4. And I'm not famous yet, but I'm a bit closer. (Hey..."Signe Wright" DOES come up ahead of "Signe by Eric Clapton" on Google." 

Then again, people change, and some goals I totally disregarded within a year. 

Want to hear my 2010 New Year's Resolutions? 

1. Have something happen between me and [insert male's name here that was popular in 6th grade but turned out to be a d-bag by high school and is still immature] 
2. Shave my legs (wow, I was really striving high for a great 2010)
3. Run a mile under 7 minutes (Why?...Just...why??)
4. Get the lead in the spring musical (ok, decent goal)
5. Get "Positively [the name of my middle school]" for Athletics (lol. Reality hit when I realized I wasn't athletic.)

And some other things didn't go as planned. 

"Recently, I planned my life out. When I am 14, I am going to Tennessee to get a record contract. After I become famous, I will do that until I am 18. Then I will go to college and get a degree in either theater or party planning. Then I will have my own business, marry [insert d-bag's name here] and have kids." 

By 7th grade, my goals were defined, but it felt like I would NEVER reach them. All I wanted was to write a song and play it well on guitar, to have my own gigs, to be fashionable, to wear makeup and be pretty, to have people like me....

My self-esteem was quite low in middle school. I was such a force, really. I tried so hard to be cool and just failed. I wanted SO badly to have a website and professional recordings of myself singing. I also wanted so, so, so, bad to have cool, professional-looking pictures of myself....

The horribly awkward photoshoots I tried to take that were a mix of style and Christmas and music^^

Those dreams were literally unattainable at the time. I didn't realize when all these things started happening to me a year or two later. 

I have my own website! With professional pictures!

I can write good songs and play guitar with them! I've professionally recorded songs!

I wear makeup!

 I have a better self-esteem! 

People like me!

I have a style blog!

It feels like these things are just a part of me now. But when I try to imagine what it was like to be 12 years old again, I remember how badly I wanted all of these simple things. At that time, these things were my dreams and goals. And then I realized....I attained nearly all of them.

I think of myself now. I think of all the things I so badly want and it feels like I will never have. And I just have a bit of hope that they're not so unattainable.

When you're feeling discouraged, think of how far you've come. Try to remember what it was like to be three years younger than you are now. You have came undoubtedly further than you think. And if it feels like you'll never reach your goals?

Even if you have zero motivation, THESE THINGS WILL CHANGE. Nothing stays the same forever, I promise.

xx Signe


  1. Truly, your song is lovely. And I don't mean simple nice which means nothing I know! it's soft, warm, funny, easy to listen! I like it so much!

    Your new follower,
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  2. I love your song! And it's so recognizable how you felt when you were 12, I had similar problems haha. Love your blog and started following you. :) xx Rowan

  3. Dang girl you can sing! I went on to your website and basically fell in love with every single one of your songs. Did you write the lyrics and music to each of them? (I'm assuming yes, but just wondering!) Keep it up, I'd love to one day be able to buy them and listen to them all the time!

  4. read the whole post. great idea! love the reminiscent style. I was thinking of doing one like these for the end of the new yeah :)


  5. great words from a great person! Good job, keep on doing what you do the best way you can!


  6. You have a wonderful singing voice :)

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  7. hey , what a nice blog you have here !
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  8. omg, your voice is so lovely, I love it!! :)

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  10. Wow! It was so deep and I just kept reading and it really dragged me in ! I personally don't even remember what I dreamed even on last year ;)