Tuesday, December 24, 2013

childhood fantasies

We watched a video in sociology last week in which a guy talked about his childhood dreams and what he accomplished and didn't accomplish. While it was mostly funny, he also included what he learned from accomplishing or not accomplishing them. 

It inspired me to think about my childhood fantasies. 

1. Be a rock star
The back story: I have no idea where this came from. I just remember always wanting to be a famous musician, which I referred to as a "rock star."
What I learned: Childhood dreams shouldn't necessarily be dismissed and can tell a lot about a person. I STILL want to be a famous musician. 

2. Own a pet pony
The back story: Ever since I watched the movie Felicty: An American Girl Adventure I became horse-obsessed. That single movie literally prompted a two-year obsession complete with private riding lessons, books about grooming horses, and constant begging for my own pet pony. 
What I learned: Patience is key. At eight years old living in a suburban community, it would have been impossible to properly care for a pony. I don't want to say that I learned to "be realistic," because it's totally realistic and possible to own a pet pony- but SOMEDAY. Not then. But I still like ponies...

3. Own all of the American Girl dolls
The back story: Basically, I was just obsessed with American Girl dolls. I only had two, Kirsten and a "just like you" doll. I was jealous of my friends that had the whole collection. 
What I learned: Not much. I suppose I just learned to love Kirsten and read all the books for the other characters. 

4. Fly on a broomstick like Kiki from Kiki's delivery service
The back story: The movie Kiki's Delivery Service  has been my favorite movie for as long as I can remember. I still watch it now and it's really an excellent film; the story is so unique and the animation is quite well-done. 
What I learned: I honestly STILL wish to be Kiki. I guess I learned that some dreams will always be unattainable (well, for now at least.)

5. Have the name "Ann" 
The back story: When I was about five, I really wanted my name to be Ann. I think there was a TV show where the main character was named Ann or something. I remember thinking it was really cool because it was such a "normal" name, and I have a very unique name. Anyway, I met a girl at the park- who later became my best friend- and told her my name was Ann. When we were leaving, her mom said "Bye, Ann! It was nice to meet you." My dad was SO CONFUSED. 
What I learned: This situation was kind of a good representation of this: if you're different, don't change!

What were some of your childhood fantasies and dreams?

xx Signe


  1. I was obsessed with American Girl dolls too! I think I hoped to own all of the accessories for Kirsten...her and the baby doll were my first ones. So funny to think back on that.

  2. I cant really remember any of mine. Although I've always wanted a horse and wanted to go to NYC since I was little. :D


  3. I like this post, it's nice to just sit and think about the past 'you' sometimes. The only one's I can remember are all sorta career based haha. One time I wanted to be a writer and I loved making books but they never got finished, except one which I still have called Uni Uni (It was about a magical unicorn!) I guess I still love to write even though I haven't gone down that kind of route. I also wanted to be a model... It says alot really- I stress over my appearance way too much! xxx

  4. Haha all of my friends had the middle name Ann. I wanted it too but I learned to love my middle name!


  5. Well, I have to say that I'm from the Potter generation, so basically all my dreams and fantasies were just about going to Hogwarts (Slytherin Pride!) and becoming a witch ♥

  6. When I was little my heart was set on going to see Busted perform live because they were my favourite band - too bad they broke up! Whenever I listen to them nowadays I have this weird kind of nostalgia, and luckily I get to go and see McBusted next year so my dream is, in a way, going to come true :)

    bionicbeth.blogspot.co.uk xo

  7. Hi!
    Wonderful post! Hahahah xD I think, that every girl had some dreams in her childhood ;D I was dreaming about become a rock star :D I listened to Iron Maiden, Roxette and after that Halestorm ;) I should tell you, that I'm still a big fan of Lzzy from Halestorm and I listened to great rock music ;D But maybe my plans for the future changed a little bit ;)
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    If so, please let me know, I will follow you back immediately. :)
    Merry Christmas! Have a nice holidays! :)

    Kisses and hugs,
    Marentora :)