Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reminiscing on sunsets

I try to capture every beautiful sunset I see. They're wonderful to look back on because they immediately prompt memories of a specific moment in time. 

My deck, fall 2012. I remember this was an October evening. It was the second month of high school and a lot was going on.

My bedroom, winter 2012. This was taken the Friday before the last week before break.. I remember I felt quite relieved this day and the sun shining through into my room despite the barren winter landscape seemed to represent that.

This was taken from my bedroom in March 2013. That March was an odd time. This picture kind of parallels the mix of dark, light, and melancholy feelings I was experiencing. 

This was taken in spring break of 2013 in Chicago. This picture feels really nostalgic to me, but I'm not really sure what about. 

This was taken in Paris last summer. This sunset was probably one of the prettiest I'd ever seen. This time was also the best I'd ever been in a while. 

I took this one today. I absolutely love the colors in this one and how they all blend together- it looks almost like a painting. It doesn't really make me think of sadness or happiness, more like some kind of artistic tranquility. It's quite a bit similar to how I'm feeling now, as I've been trying to blend my good and bad qualities and emotions and habits into something that represents myself as whole. 

I don't really know if nature has been trying to tell me something or rather I'm just subconsciously aware of nature paralleling my emotions, but either way I love sunsets and I love that I have all of these to look back on. 

xx Signe


  1. I love taking photos of sunsets and skyscapes - there is something effortlessly beautiful and awe-inspiring about them, I think. I especially like the blend of colours in your last photo - stunning!

  2. Love the 2nd photo!

  3. Oh wow these are so beautiful :) I love sunsets <3 x

    Rebecca Coco

  4. These pictures are so beautiful, I love sunsets so much, they're my favourite part of each day.
    I love your blog, you have a new follower! Follow back? :)
    Jess from

  5. I love your photographs! They're so raw and beautiful!
    Definitely following you :)