Sunday, November 10, 2013

Overrated: STORES


Vera Bradley \\ The prices of anything from VB are literally INSANE for the quality of the fabric they're made out of. 

Francescas Collections \\ The store is really cute, but it's not as special as everybody seems to think it is. Most things in there you could find for a fraction of the price. 

Victoria's Secret \\ Victoria's Secret has their ways of making their stuff look super attainable to teenage and twentysomething girls cause it's all cute and pink and they've got decorations and good smells and dogs and stuff. But seriously, if you want good-quality lingerie for the same price just go to Boston Store or something. 

Abercrombie \\ I'm sorry but I really hate Abercrombie. It's RIDICULOUS. They take really simple clothing, make it super expensive, and then make it really small. 

Oh, and they are like incapable of putting together their pieces. 

Like seriously.... what is this?!???

I honestly don't know what's going on here

Please explain to me why you are walking through a random forest looking like you're walking through NYC with a beanie and headphones. And your dress says "let's go to the pool" and your coat says "imma fur trader." 

...this outfit is just a you can't do patterned tights with super tight short shorts; they've gotta be loose or high-waisted. The lace cami throws it off even more while the rainboots confuse everyone, meanwhile the wannabe prep-school blazer attempts to pull it together. And fails. 

What stores do you think are overrated?

xx Signe


  1. I agree that Victoria's Secret aren't really worth it for the lingerie. I absolutely love the store though because I'm obsessed with all their body mists and body lotions.

  2. I totally agree with you here except I do love Victorias Secret haha, although I agree they are definitely over priced.
    Thank you for the lovely vomment on my blog btw :)
    Laura |

  3. Love this post so different to other posts on blogs

    I agree I dont really buy from very expensive shops as cheaper brands quality is just as good if not better sometimes

    New Followers
    Carrieanne xx

  4. LOL, I'm in love with this post!!
    I think Miss Selfridge has issues... I don't like their window displays, it's too cluttered, they display too many outfits at one time..

    And River Island!!! I love the shop, but I guess I'm being drawn in with their eye catching plan - the shop is WAY too extravagant with all those crazy lights ;)

    Love this post babe, it made me laugh, made my day!
    Please drop by and visit my blog if you have the time.
    J Y U K I M I

  5. I agree with you on all of these! I absolutely cannot stand Abercrombie & Fitch, as well. Add Hollister to the list and it's golden!

  6. Oh my gosh, the last one made me laugh so much, they all look ridiculous!
    I agree with you on all of these! Abercrombie/Hollister also annoy me because they actually say they only employ attractive people so average people are intimidated and don't buy their clothes! It's horrendous and the shops always smell awful and are too dark. x

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