Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's ok.

I used to be the kind of person that, if I didn't accomplish something I feel that I "should have," I would get incredibly upset. 

The thing was, I NEVER actually accomplished much. Which led to me being incredibly upset most of the time. 

.......I still don't accomplish much in a day. Or, I guess I do, I just have high expectations. But the difference is that I'm not upset about it anymore because I'm trying to be ok with it. 

This doesn't mean I shouldn't try to push myself, it means I've accepted the fact I usually can't complete my entire to-do list. I can try, but at the end of the day if I only accomplished one thing, I'm learning to be ok with it. 

Usually, my to-do list looks something like....

-go to rehearsal
-clean room
-write blog posts
-work out
-do homework

annnnddd usually the only things I end up doing are working out, going to rehearsal, and writing blog posts. I think, "wow, I'm such an idiot, I had all day to do this, why didn't I."

But it's ok. Because I can try harder the next day, and maybe those three things were the only things I had energy to do. Now, maybe you're thinking I "don't have my priorities straight," but I NEED TO WORK OUT TO STAY HEALTHY and I LIKE BEING IN A PLAY and WRITING IS MY PASSION, NOT TO MENTION PEOPLE ARE EXPECTING ME TO DO IT. Working out, acting, and writing, are not only my priorities, but they are my values. 

I know school is important, but I'm not one of those people who take it really seriously. I don't care if I don't finish all my homework or do poorly on a test here and there, because you know what? In the end, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to end up as a starving hobo in poverty. 

If you value your passions more than the things people expect you to value, then please keep valuing them. If you don't, then I hope you figure it out. You "owe a teacher homework?" You're told "it's not acceptable to choose to do that?" Wtf! You don't owe anybody anything and you set your own standards for what YOU believe are acceptable ways to spend your time.

In the end, just try your best to 1) accomplish as much as you can 2) be ok with putting your own priorities first 3) and realize it's ok to not do things you think you should have done. 

What you did are the only things you should have done. 

xx Signe


  1. Good point! Sometimes I look back on the day and feel like I dawdled it away and didn't accomplish much...but you have to give yourself permission to have those days every once in a while.

  2. I totally agree with your view point ! After all life is all about taking it all with a pinch of salt !
    Love your blog !

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  3. I'm a bit like this some days, I have it set in my mind what I want to accomplish and then when I haven't done it all I'm like ahhhh why didn't I do it? I've had all day!!! But there's no point worrying about it is there, good post!


    Hannah x

  4. What a perfect thing to remember, sometimes it's okay if we don't do anything. I think it's so easy for us to compare ourselves to others who are doing so many things, but our life is our own! :)
    xo TJ


  5. Thats a great quote! Sometimes we just need to relax and not be so hard on ourselves!

  6. I've always lived in a reality that doesn't exist, in the imagined future I guess.



  7. Nice self reflection, tips and especially loving the last sentence.

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  8. I am actually not a hunger games fan at all (dare I say it) I'm sure I will most likely watch the second one eventually, but they just do really do it for me :)