Thursday, November 14, 2013

Issues I have with The Hunger Games

Ha-ha, I bet everyone wants to murder me for saying I have "issues" with the Hunger Games. 

But seriously. 

{number one} Jennifer Lawrence's seductive body/attitude doesn't exactly fit well on a starving girl fighting for food. 

I love Jennifer Lawrence. (Who doesn't?) I think that she makes a great body role model in Hollywood because she proves you don't need to diet to look great. 

....but Katniss is a starving girl from a dystopian district. For the role, it honestly does not make sense to look seductive and curvy when Katniss was characterized as more fragile-looking yet fierce. According to Jennifer, "I don't want girls to starve so they can look like Katniss." I think that's a great statement to make, but it contradicts the fact that Katniss IS literally starving. (It's called The Hunger Games...) If the character Katniss actually looked starving, then the character and story's desperation would come through a bit more through that image and therefore I guarantee would NOT look attractive to young girls! I don't want Jennifer Lawrence to change her body, and she is pretty great at the role...therefore there's just kind of a contradiction here. 

{number two} People romanticize the concept of two people falling in love during the fight to their deaths and are somehow touched by the fact they don't kill each other. 

I mean, no explanation needed....when you think about it it's just wrong. 

{number three} It is a story about children killing each other. 

Again...the fact so many people are in love with a story about children killing each other is a bit morbid and makes me uncomfortable. 

{number four} "Team Peeta" and "Team Gale" is a thing...and in most cases, the most important thing.  

Pretty much every teenage white girl is either on "Team Peeta" or "Team Gale" and will go see Catching Fire to see Liam Hemsworth's abs or swoon over Josh Hutcherson. Let me just clarify this is a starving girl being forced to choose between her lifelong hunting buddy and her new killing-people buddy and people think that is just the darnest most romantic love triangle ever. 

As you can see...the Hunger Games is messed up yo. 

xx Signe


  1. I absolutely agree with your points haha. I don't watch Hunger Games mainly due to a lack of time and wanted to see it just to get what the buzz is all about :)

  2. I think Jennifer is right in saying she doesn't want girls to starve them selves to look like Katniss. Because it would happen. So I like that she isn't a twig plus she would be somewhat fit as in the story she is constantly hunting, running etc etc.

    But I didn't really love watching the film as it is like you have said. Kids killing each other.

    What I did like about the first one was the scene in one of the districts where the people who produce everyone's food started rioting. Not the scene it's self. I actually just cried and cried in it but the fact that it portrays real life in a way that is hopefully more understandable to our generation. The group of people who do the most work, for the things we need are the worst off and treated badly by those in charge. I hope that a similar scene will create a discussion in society after the next film.

    Anyway, super sorry about that long comment! Just adding my 2cents in obviously! haha

  3. I totally agree with you. I think that it's really great for her as an actress, to perpetuate positive images for women. But, like you say at the same time - her character is malnourished and impoverished. Not only does she look really healthy, she is also has great hair and skin... It's a massive plot flaw but that's Hollywood for you. xx

  4. I have issues with the Hunger Games too - I'm glad it's not just me!

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