Friday, November 1, 2013

Commenting Do's and Don'ts

I've been commenting on a lot of blogs recently, I've seen a lot of comments, and I've gotten a lot of comments. 

Therefore, I've learned a lot about commenting in a short period of time. But to be honest, I'm mostly making this post because some people who comment literally just don't know how to comment.  

I'm really sorry but it needed to be said! I don't think people ever try to be annoying...but they are. 

So, if you are commenting on a blog...


Call the writer of the blog things like "sweety" and "honey"

Put sad faces :( when you state they don't follow your blog 

Ask the writer to follow your blog if you have over 100 followers

Say you are "waiting" for them to follow you

Say "congratulations! It's a great post!" (I've seen this so many times and I think they're being serious but they really just sound sarcastic.) 

Comment with two-word comments like "Nice look!" or "Great tip!" 


State the blog writer's name in your comment. (ex: "Signe, I really liked...) It catches the writer's attention and makes the comment 10x more personal.

Learn a proper English translation for what you're trying to say if you're not a native English speaker. Putting in the effort to sound nice in English is essential because if the English isn't correct then you'll sound sloppy to the writer and they will most likely not take you seriously. 

Mention something specifically relating to the post you're commenting on. If you don't say anything about it in your comment, the writer may skip over it like spam. 

Mention something specific you like about their blog. "Lovely blog" is pretty unoriginal; "I'm in love with your header!" or "I love your balance of fashion and lifestyle posts" will make much more of an impression. 

Say you followed the blog if you did, along with mentioning something about the post. 

Link your blog at the end of your comment, just not obnoxiously. You want people to know who you are!

Introduce yourself if you're new to blogging (or have less than 100 followers) and say you'd appreciate it if they checked out your blog. If you do it nicely it won't be annoying and many times it really is the best way to gain followers. 

Say you're interested in connecting with them in the future or look forward to reading more. (This is ESPECIALLY helpful if you're introducing yourself.) Saying one of these two things will let the writer know you're serious about connecting with other blogs and you want to be involved in the blogging world. AKA, you're legit. 

I hope this was helpful...seriously, follow these. ;)

xx Signe


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this, whilst I did like reading the "do's" I was a bit concerned about the "don'ts" - in my opinion there's nothing wrong with a two worded comment or pet-names because we should all just be grateful that someone has taken the time to comment on our blog. After all, we just want someone to read what we've posted and any kind of acknowledgement is great, sometimes we just have to accept that people don't have enough time to write more than a few words. Plus if people want to use words like "sweetie" or "honey" then I don't see anything wrong with that, in real life I call people "lovely" or "lovey" so why should I change that just because I'm on the internet? Though I do agree with it being annoying when people ask you to follow them but you have to think, people want/need to advertise themselves in blogging and especially with newer bloggers this is the only way that they know how.


    1. The reason I don't like two worded comments is because most likely the person who is commenting didn't actually read the post. I actually don't mind the "lovely/lovey," now that I think about it I realize that it's probably a personal feeling and totally depends on the context. If you're saying it to be nice then I don't mind it but what I meant was when they use it almost to coax you is when it's annoying. About the following, I did say in the do's to advertise your blog because I agree- it's pretty much the only way to gain followers. it gets annoying when people show up on your blog with 500+ follows just to ask for more follows.

  2. Hello:) Lovely blog!
    Would you like to follow each other here on blogspot, maybe even on Facebook?
    Let us know!


  3. A bit harsh on those who have English as a second language, sometimes Google translate is a bit dodgy! Interesting thoughts though, I do agree with most x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. I wasn't trying to be harsh, it's honestly just the reality. If the language looks sloppy and unprofessional I won't take it seriously- and that doesn't just go for blogging, it ends up being a life skill.

  4. I agree with on so many of these things, although I think on the 'do' about proper English it should say, ESPECIALLY if English is your first language. Too many times do I see people who have spoken English their whole lives and they still consistently misspell words and make grammatical errors on blog comments, social media, etc. I do see where you're coming from about speaking proper English if it's your second language, but honestly I have to agree a little bit with the person above me. I took Spanish last year and one of our assignments was to purposely use Google Translate to do our homework and then the next day in class we went over the translation and our teacher pointed out so many errors Google had made. I totally see where you're coming from (and maybe adding a good translation site to your post would help), I just wanted to give the other side the benefit of the doubt. Loved what you had to say though!

  5. I should be sleeping but I just found your blog and I am loving it.

  6. Signe, I love your honesty! You crack me up with your comments too! And you're so right, it needed to be said! You were definitely the girl for the job;)