Thursday, November 7, 2013

50 pet peeves

1. Authority

2. People walking slow in the hallway

3. When you ask people a question and they think it's ok to just not reply because they don't know

4. When people think knocking makes it automatically ok for them to walk in 

5. When people set a rule and don't give an explanation why

6. People self-diagnosing themselves with OCD or using it as a casual term

7. People running up to me as I enter a store like "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING"

8. Having to repeat my name 5 times when meeting someone

9. The fact the person at the front desk where I work out has been asking me if I have a locker preference for the past year and a half and the answer is always no

10. When people say "it's because you're a girl"

11. When people think I will grow out of my habits and behaviors that I've obviously established as part of my personality

13. When I'm wearing a skirt or dress and someone is like "AREN'T YOU COLD????"

14. People abusing ADHD medication

15. When I say I'm not interested in drugs and people are like "no I bet you secretly are." 

16. Getting into a mood where I'm able to do my homework then getting all excited then it disappearing and being like "what what no where did it goooooooo"

17. When a teacher expects me to deal with a struggling kid 24/7

18. The fact my school cafeteria basically doesn't sell vegetables

19. When people say "I have no life"

20. When people say "I have no friends"

22. When people say "omg I hate everyone" 

23. When people say "all the guys in our grade are hideous" 

24. When people say my school sucks despite the fact it's one of the top public schools in our state

25. When people assume I'm stupid because I've chosen to take two standard-level classes

26. People that don't think Taylor Swift is talented

27. When teenagers say "omg I wish I never grew up" like SHUT UP YOU DIDN'T EVEN GROW UP YET 

29. People misusing the term "bipolar" ('lyk omg im so bipolar')

30. Romanticizing sadness

31. People who don't know how to navigate a map, like seriously France and Norway are pretty basic countries to know the location of

32. When people say they're self-conscious of their body then walk around half naked

33. Religions that say "God loves everyone"  "wait no except for them and those people and also them" 

34. People that refuse to let traditions go that are irrelevant, outdated, and plain nonsense

35. People hating on models and the fashion industry

36. People assuming that I'm materialistic because I like material things

37. People judging people for their body modifications

38. Girls that put irrelevant quotes as the caption for their selfies

39. People assuming that skinny people are anorexic

40. The monetary expenses of being female

41. People that complain about their bad skin, greasy hair, and lack of good physique, yet rarely wash their face our hair, eat cheetos, and never work out 

42. Teachers stating "YOU'RE LATE." when you walk in late. Like "wow thanks for letting me know" 

43.  People who shield their children from suffering and violence and act like the world is about smiles and butterflies

44. Being expected to have it together when the government doesn't even have it together

45. People saying "I can see your bra!!!!!!" Like..."oh my goodness now the whole world will know that I wear a bra" 

46. Doctors that don't look healthy

47. Gym teachers that wear coats and say "it's not cold" to all the people who have no coats on

48. People that point out how much people are eating

49. The fact the intelligence of animals is measured by how willing they are to obey the commands of a human

50. School dress codes

Sorry if that sounded sassy but I'M SO GLAD I FINALLY SAID ALL OF THAT. 

xx Signe


  1. lovely blog :)

  2. This was such a good post! I loved reading every pet peeve!
    And, haha, of course how can we trust a doctor who doesn't look healthy! :D

  3. This is fun, and yet it is true!
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I can't believe that I'm everywhere :D
    Thanks again! Following you too :)

  4. Following back, dear:)

  5. love blog:D